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It Was and Is Crunch Time

Fresh off the heels of a Jawga win over the University of Clowney, first in three years too, 17 pax joined my initial Q at the ORIGINAL F3 spot. Just as it was Crunch Time for the dawgs Saturday its now crunch time for the cocks to go undefeated the rest of their conference schedule ……..it can be done! With that in mind, I certainly decided to throw in a fair amount of crunches whenever I could. We all want to look as good as my boy, Murray, in a pair of wranglers. After today, we are well on our way.

The Thang:

COP: SSH x30, Merkins x15, LBC x30, Merkins x15

Logo’s Loop with 6 stops:

Stop 1: Merkins x10, Squat x20, Merkins x10

Stop 2: Freddy Mercury’s x20, Hello Dolly x15, boat/canoe x5

Stop 3: Carolina Dry Docks x15, LBC x20

Stop 4: Reps of 4 OYO: Merkins x10, LBC x15, Squats x20, PLANKs arms up/down

Stop 5: LBC x20, Carolina Dry Dock x10

Stop 6: LBC x30, Lunge walk 25yards, Jump wall and head to Brick pile

Brick Pile:

Curls with block x30

Arm circles with bricks x10 forward

Arm circles with bricks x10 backwards

Old School sit ups x15

Curls with block x20

diamond Merkins x10


Ball of Man


  • Please note this post is authored by Linoleum and simply posted as written by Sway. I debated about including the photo, but equal time is equal time. Caveat: I will post no orange. Ever.
  • Excellent first Q by Linoleum once he got past some initial counting glitches. It’s not as easy as it looks!
  • Roscoe has done an excellent job establishing the Monday bootcamp at DHS. T-claps to you!
  • CessPool will have the Q next Monday.

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  1. Great first Q by Linoleum. Even though he did gloat a bit with his dawgs winning on Saturday. The best line of the morning by far was from Cheesy… “Watch out guys, it’s deeper on the other side.” I didn’t even know how to respond…..

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