• When: 2020-03-10
  • QIC: Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Traitor, Hustler, Selfie, Huffy, Lovebug, Mud Dawg, Paperboy, Oscar (Respect), Commodore, Billy Bob

Paperboy returns to Thunder…

Conditions: Clear and 57 degrees. Dry ground and perfect weather.

The Thang

Disclaimer, announcement that we’d be leaving campus and that cars won’t see you. Be aware and watch out for each other.

Warm up with quick sets of Imperial Walkers, SSH and merkins all IC x 10.

Leave Hand parking lot and head over to Wilmot. Instructions were given to run to first intersection of Wilmot and Queen, stopping at every house on right side to do 5 merkins. Wait on 6 at intersection while doing SSH. Observed Huffy receive a flyby smooch from his M, who was out running with FiA. That’s love folks.

Continue down Wilmot to Princess. RR merkins. Wait on 6 by doing Monkey Humpers.

Finish up at Wilmot and Hand. 115 merkins total.

Mosey around to Wheat St. and then down Terrace Way to Lowndes Hill Rd. intersection. Stop and do 20 Burpees OYO.

Mosey over to Blossom and Queen. YHC gave instructions to do 20 squats OYO, run up Queen Hill for 20 squats OYO, run back to bottom of Queen Hill for 20 squats OYO, run over to Meadow St. for 20 squats OYO, run up Meadow St. Hill for 20 squats OYO then back down for 20 more. Head back to Queen for abwork while waiting on 6. Rinse and Repeat substituting squats with 20 total lunges and staying on Queen Hill.

Cut through park stopping for 20 hanging crunches. Run to top of park and air chair for 6. AYG to the flag. 1 minute of SSH to finish.

COT/BOM. No Devo B/C Cornstache fartsacked.


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