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New Years Bull-Vergence

On any New Year’s morning, it is often a challenge to emerge from the #Fartsack in search of a way to #GetBetter.  Candidly, many of the various #Jesters (whether the celebration of the night before or the anticipation of football on the day of) will tempt a former #SadClown to stay home and choose the #BluePill.  However, the Pax of F3 Columbia are different.  They regularly reject the easy way out, they seek the opportunity to #DoTheHardThing and welcome any chance to feast on the #RedPill.

There a few better places to have your share of the #RedPill on New Year’s morning than at the corner of Blossom Street and Bull Street.  They say the Hair of The Dog will cure what ails you on a New Year’s morning, but “they” have never met The Bull.

Conditions – Expect it to be in the 20s or 30s but temps do not matter to a #MinivanCenturion

Disclaimer – It’s The Bull so you know it will leave a mark.

The Thang:

You push yourself for one hour of The Bull (with or without weight) or The Bullseye or The Raging Bull (alternate laps of The Bull and The Bullsye).

Two start times are available to the Pax.  You can post at 6:30 AM.  You can post at 7:30 AM.  Or you can post at 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM.

In addition to bringing your courage and resolve on the first day of 2018, bring with you a Fitness Goal for 2018.  Write it down and share it with the Pax so we can hold one another accountable for the coming year.  When considering your goal, make it something you have never done before.  Challenge yourself to reach limits that are possible with the support of your fellow Pax.

YHC is encouraging all Monday AOs (Ramble, Amble, Stumble, Scramble, The Castle, The Brickpile and our friends in the NE and Blythewood) to close for the day and post at The Bull.

Let’s start off 2018 with a concerted effort to #PushTheRock



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