• When: 2018-07-21
  • QIC: McNugget
  • The PAX: Husker, Billy Bob, Robber, Misfire, Adobe, Malfunction Junction, Detour, Book Worm, Chevy (FNG), Garnish, Drummer Boy, Enterprise, Zima, Training Wheels (R), McNugget

The Mission and the Hammer

It was the Hammer Pax turn to get a taste of what the Mission had to offer on 7/21 at Finlay Park.  15 men showed up to get some work done!

YHC really had a tough time figuring out what kind of pain to dish out at The Mission on Saturday. This was a tough crowd to please, so YHC figured a good full body beat down was a must.  No running, a few burpees, a whole lotta merkins, squats, and core seemed about right.  The Pax in attendance helped YHC bring it!

Conditions: A nice lake effect  breeze led to lower humidity (or not) and 80 degrees.

The Thang:

Warm Up:

10 burpees (OYO) #crowdpleaser

Little baby arm circles IC 10

Little baby arm circles Rev IC 10

Overhead clap IC 10

Raise the roof IC 10

Imperial Squat Walker IC 10 (it’s nearly impossible to execute a clean cadence on this one)

Mosey to the Amphitheater

Aiken Legs:

10 Box Jumps

10 Squats

10 lunges (each leg)

10 Split Squats (each leg)

Rinse and Repeat that for two more rounds (3 total)

At this point most PAX in attendance were ready for a little breather, so our main man Robber delivered a powerful message about accountability, not letting your guard down, and getting back up and fighting like hell when you fall.  This was an important message that we all can learn from and live by.

Mosey to the field and find a nice green spot for the upper body portion of the workout.

Merkin Mania:

5 Diamond Merkins

5 clap merkins

5 knerkins

5 Wide Arm Merkins

5 Crucible Merkins

5 Staggered Arm Merkins

5 Staggered Arm Merkins (other arm)

5 hand release merkins

Rinse and repeat twice more for a total of three rounds.

It was in the midst of the Merkin Mania that a nice  elderly lady decided to join our work out and essentially take over the Q from YHC.  Her instructions were very clear; Stop what you’re doing and get up and YHC did just that!  For some reason the fellow pax either didn’t hear, weren’t paying attention, or were more interested in continuing their work and not listening to the instructions of our new Q.  YHC thought someone might get a butt cutting for not listening and it wasn’t going to be me.  Fortunately all pax eventually came out unscathed.

Core Work:

Alphabet (spell out all letters of the alphabet with feet while in the 6 inches positions)

Boat/Canoe- YHC had a tough time deciding what was a boat and what was a canoe (10 switches)

Gas Pump- LBC position, move feet to Dolly position (about 7 reps)




Namorama- Welcome FNG Chevy (Garci)

After Action Report (tell the Q what a great job he did)


Prayer Requests and praise items



Mission Summer Picnic- August 3rd 5:30-8:00 Pine Island



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