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I'm not scared of you!

In the third grade, Sheets and Termite were cast in a show-stopping performance as two crows in Hammond’s yearly take on the Wizard of Oz. Why? The role required a pesky and irritating behavior that was masterful. That same behavior was on hand for 47 pax at the #Brickpile for the Saturday Columbia convergence.

Conditions: 59 and brisk (for Sept.)

The Thang:

Warm up lap around the school.
Russian twist

Run to Devereaux
Partner Decline merkins
Partner iron cross

Run to Berkeley and Adger
Jacobs ladder
8 burpies and 4 squats
Work down to 4 burpies and 8 squats

Run to Devereaux
Flutter kicks
Protractor and leg lifts

5k pace to Dreher

Termite Torment
Calf raises
Carolina dry dock
Full plank/half plank
Half plank rotation
Repeat 4 times

Crossover push ups for 10 yards

Hitchhiker/sprint combo x 2

Dealers Choice
Subprime-merkins x 10 (4ct)
Robber- 10 burpies
Crawlspace’s – iron cross


BOM – Closed out by Termite

Moleskin (as YHC was only present for Dealers Choice thanks to the 9 Mile Governor’s Cup Training Run the Moleskin will be brief)

  • Amazing news by Robber that his mother was mis-diagnosed and is, in fact, cancer-free.  Unbelievable power of prayer and faith.
  • Solid Dealers’ Choice if YHC does say so himself
  • T-Claps to the running pax for pushing through the 9-mile training run and joining the #Convergence pax for the last five minutes of their workout
  • Only 6 show up to Lizards Thicket


  • Once again, please do not forget to register for the GC Half-Marathon.  The price goes up in four days.
  • There is an open order building for the blue F3 Columbia UA shirts.  The deadline is this Sunday.  As oh wise Sway said, you can’t wear one of you don’t have one.  You have to go online and order and pay for the shirt even if you are on the wait list.
  • Contract Sway at [email protected] if you are interested in the wait list for the Mud Run.  Spots are starting to open up.  The run is October 12.
  • There is a golf outing at Crickentree scheduled for October 10.  Contact Alterboy if interested.  [email protected].
  • The 3rd F bible study meets again next Tuesday night. We still have two seats left. If anyone is interested, contact TB at [email protected] Meetings are scheduled for alternating Tuesday nights through the next few months at TB’s house, 8:00 PM.
  • One team for the Palmetto 200 (March 28-29) has already been formed with a second getting assembled now. March is a long way out but if you’re interested, we need to go ahead and get a roster together. Sign up now and show your commitment to F3 and our long term stamp on this state. Let me know at [email protected]


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