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#Pre-Blast: Harbison Hustle

This Friday afternoon, 5:30 PM a mixed bag of F3 Columbia will inaugurate a new kind of beatdown to the region.  Between bootcamps and runs, strength training and mileage, Columbia will see a new kind of hybrid event aimed to test and train the pax in overall fitness.  If you’re prepping for the mud run next week or just want to get in a different kind of workout, come be our guinea pig for what is sure to be the right start to the weekend.

When & Where:  Harbison State Forest is located on Broad River Road north of I-20 and east of I-26.  We will meet in the primary parking lot for the forest area (not at the administration building)  for a 5:30 PM launch.  Get there 10 minutes or more ahead of time to make sure traffic isn’t a problem and you have time to stretch out.  We don’t want to leave anyone behind so be prompt.  Parking costs $5 so bring a little cash and be prepared to slide it into an envelope at the welcome station or register for access and parking ahead of time at: https://ssl.sc.gov/scfcpermitsales/.  See the map below or follow the google map link for directions.


The Thang:  The run route will be a combination of trails around Harbison State Forest beginning and effectively ending with the “Firebreak Trail” located in brown on the map below.  The running distance planned is to be about 4.5 miles but that’s not all.  Along the way will be pain stations to blend the distance with an upper body and core workout.  In proper F3 fashion, the secrets of the route and specifics of the exercises are being withheld for the sake of the Pre-Blast but, rest assured, you’ll feel every muscle in the morning.


Details: Trail running is not like pounding the pavement.  Uneven terrain, roots, transition of running surface and the like require both attention to detail and ankle, knee and hip muscles not necessarily used when running a track or roadway.  Please come prepared for a different experience and read the disclaimer again if you haven’t done so recently.  We want this to be safe and fun but every new experience comes with its own risks so please take your own precautions.  We don’t want to carry anyone out of the woods.

The plan is for this event to last about an hour and a half and wrap up by 7:00 PM.  The trail map distributed on the Harbison State Forest web site shows a number of restrooms and other amenities around the park but don’t rely on these.  Bring water and other necessities you may particularly need.  If you’re used to eating dinner at 6:00 and need a snack before or along the trail, bring it.  In the spirit of F3, plan for your own needs.

Questions / Comments: Please contact Fountainhead ([email protected]) or Napalm ([email protected]) if you have questions or suggestions.


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