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#GreaseTrapped at #Thunder

A record 26 pax ventured over to #Thunder this morning for the culmination of week 2 at F3Columbia’s newest AO.  It did not take long for everyone to realize they walked squarely into a trap….a Grease Trap.  In his maiden Q Grease Trap made the most of the campus at Hand Middle School (and Emily Douglas Park which YHC considers an extension of Hand for our purposes) managing to work in some new twists, a good bit of running, and burpees galore. 

Conditions: 72 and muggy

The Thang:

Warm-Up Lap Around Track

COP – All 4 count

25 ea sidestraddle hop

20 ea merkins

20 ea high knees

15 ea mountain climbers

20 ea LBCs

15 ea arm circles

15 ea full extension sit up (V-Up, if you will)

15 ea full body extension

Wailing Wall – all counts of four while balanced on top of the wall

25 ea superman arm/leg lifts

25 ea negative flutters

30 sec butt hover (#crowdpleaser – sit on top of the wall and lift up onto hands, hold for 30 sec)

10 ea decline merkins

Rinse & Repeat 

Basketball Court (Split Pax in Half – Group 1 with Grease Trap to the Picnic Tables, Group 2 with SubPrime on the court; then flapjack)

3 ea full court suicides with 5 burpees after each

Picnic Tables

15 ea lifting table shoulder shrugs and hold it

15 ea back extension off edge of table – repeat


5 ea burpees

1st step

10 ea  single count decline merkins

3rd step

10 ea 4 count decline mountain climbers

5th step

20 ea single count air squats

  • Rinse & Repeat x 3

Field (All through the HMS Irrigation System (#willbecoldinacoupleofmonths)

30 yd jog – 50 yd sprint – 10 merkns

30 yd back pedal – 50 yd sprint – 10 merkins

30 yd karaoke – 50 yd sprint – 20 sit ups

30 yd karaoke – 50 yd sprint – 20 sit ups

50 yd at 75% – 50 yd sprint -5 bupees

100 yd sprint – 10 burpees


BOM – Closed out by Grease Trap


  • Outstanding first Q by Grease Trap.  He kept the pax moving and combined cardio with strength nicely.  Well done.
  • T-Claps to the 26 faithful that came out to break our #Thunder attendance record.
  • T-Claps to FNG Snot Rocket for graciously accepting his nickname.  Ask him for the details (at your risk)


  • Mud Run is coming up on 10/12. Sway is running the wait list and you may get lucky so please let him know if you are interested. [email protected]
  • Governor’s Cup is 11/9. Commit now and workout at Amble to get ready. We will release the discount code soon. Pre-Blast by Fountainhead is coming soon and a training plan is being developed as YHC types.  So far, commits are:
  1. Chaser
  2. SubPrime
  3. Fountain Head
  4. Bubbles
  5. Snuggles
  6. Drive-by
  7. Kitty
  8. 8-Mile
  9. Yellow Cake
  10. Detour
  11. Kim Jung
  12. Slumdog
  13. Fannie
  14. Obamacare

The Ryan Rawl Freedom Run is this Saturday starting out of Crayton Middle School at 8:30. Registration information is at http://rawlfreedomrun.com/. From the race web site:

The Ryan Rawl Freedom Run honors and memorializes the life of Ryan Davis Rawl, who was killed in action in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber in 2012. Ryan was a Christian, a father of two, a daughter, now age 5, and a son now age 3, a Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy, School Resource Officer at Crayton Middle School, and South Carolina National Guardsman…

  • 3rdF efforts are under way. TB is taking the lead. Please let him know if you are interested in helping or getting involved. Contact him at [email protected]
  • 3rdF part II – McLovin (Jason Lockhart) announced a prayer group that meets on Fridays at St. Johns Episcopal Church on Wheat Street beginning tomorrow (9/6) and throughout the fall. Any and all are welcome to this series led by Brad Bird. Lunch is provided (typically by Groucho’s) and the group meets from noon-12:45. While not an official F3 group this is another opportunity to share fellowship AND faith for anyone interested.

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  1. i believe that was mozart being pumped over the loud speakers at the “wailing wall”..i move to change name to “#first chair” or #general admission orchestral seating….just saying…there’s potential there.

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