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A Foggy Flyover

The flyover was quick and PAINful this morning at the Strut with 11 pax posting including 2 FNGs. No VFR (visual flight rules) and the need for instrument assist as the fog was so thick on the football field that safety lighting made it worse. This was the virgin Q for Napalm.

Conditions: 73° with 93% humidity (near 100% on the football field)

The Thang:
Jog to parking lot beside LES
Windmills x 20
Merkins x 10
Imperial walkers x 15
LBC x 15
SSH x 20
Merkins x 10
Follow me to the tennis courts
Suicides w/merkins x 10 OYO, Praying hands sit-ups x 10, jump squats x 10
Find your way to the football field in the 6’ high layer of fog
Tunnel of love with Pax doing Carolina Dry Docks while crawler does a low plank crawl
Upon completion of last Pax, bear crawl to the opposite sideline of football field (crowd pleaser)
Indian run to Heartbreak Ridge
Jacob’s ladder – burpees progressing to 5 count
Mosey to grass beside tennis court for Mary
Dealer’s choice
Futon – Flutter kicks x 15
A1A – Windmill x 15
Mayhem – Forward circles x 20, backwards circles x 20
Neckbrace – Diamond crunches x 15
Quinnie – Butt kicks x 15

All you got back to the shovel flag for COT

Ball of Man

· Great group of men for the first QIC for Napalm. They met the challenge at every turn.
· One FNG was convinced to attend by another yet to arrive FNG who was placed in the EH by Brother Cy. The other locked his keys in his truck and had not arrived upon final departure.
· First time of Tunnel of Love for most Pax with the added twist of Carolina dry docks followed by bear crawl across the football field. The QIC dislikes bear crawls but realizes they help stretch the hamstrings and work the shoulders. Worth the pain and chatter from the Pax.
· The Indian Run to heartbreak ridge kept everyone together so we didn’t leave a man behind.
· Landing lights (glow sticks) were waiting at Heartbreak Ridge for final approach to Jacob’s Ladder. One of the FNGs stated after the workout that he was not going to stop on Jacob’s Ladder. He pressed on through the fire.
· Dealer’s choice Mary was offered to allow training for future Qs.

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