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You can't unring that bell…

We had a record turnout of 16 men show up for Robber’s first take at the kettlebell Q. I have to hand it to Homewrecker, Qing a Iron Yard workout is brutal. Hats off to him for getting Iron Yard off the ground for the first month. Let’s jump in and give him a hand.

The high point of the session was when 1st Choice demolished Kim Jungs wife’s kettlebell while we are practicing flipping kettlebells, (pictured above). We managed to finish the session with all our fingers and toes, so we’ll record this one in the W column.

Here’s what went down….

The Thang:

  • SSH
  • Arm Circles
  • Torso Twist
  • Butt Kicks


Rotation One – Repeat x 3
Traditional KB Swings x20
Movin Merkins 10 reps (OYO)
Squat Press x10

RECOVER Practice Flipping KBs

Rotation Two – Repeat x 3
One Arm KB Swing x10 (ES)
Full Sit -Up 15 reps (OYO)
Goblet Squat x10

RECOVER Practice Rack Flip

Rotation Three – Repeat x 3
Rack Press x10 (ES)
Cross Crunch 15 reps (OYO)
Suitcase Squat x10 (ES)


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  1. the M. was outside waiting on us this morning, and was a little mystified as to how we could destroy a kettlebell..i told her to not ask me so many questions in the morning…

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