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#Amble Faster When Trespassing

9 Pax assembled in the KBC parking lot for a little more catching up by the Q.  A route mapped and selected by another Q a month ago was missed by YHC and so that prior route, a 4 mile lollipop lap to and around Gregg Park, was trod again under the cover of darkness.  Having merely chosen a prior route, the Q relied upon the expertise of the collective Amble experience to set the pace and judge the distance.  Both, perhaps, were poor decisions as the pace was anything but an “Easy” Wednesday jog and the distance was reckoned at something between 3.5 and 4 miles…  we’ll see.

Conditions:  75 degrees with 85% humidity

The Thang:

The Gregg Park Lollipop starts, as always, at the KBC parking lot but atypically heads south on Carter Hill to Woodlake where before turning right and right again onto Trenholm coming back in front of KBC headed toward Trenholm Plaza.  At the back entrance to Trenholm Plaza, joggers head down and around the back of the shopping center for a spectacular view of loading docks, electrical service connections and, the crowd pleaser, the sight and aroma of grocery store garbage containers half baked in the Labor Day weekend sun.  Then a right hand turn up onto Forest drive takes the route to the entrance to Gregg Park where the tall, closed gate poses no trouble to foot traffic.  Around the right side of the gate and into Gregg Park, the lollipop on this 4 mile route is the lap around Alexander Circle and back to Gregg Parkway for the return trip by the same route… yes the same route behind Trenholm Plaza but this time cutting the distance short by stopping at the KBC parking lot on Trenholm Road.


For clarification, the route, according to MapMyRun.com’s best estimate, is 3.88 miles.  Several Pax did the full out and back including the Woodlake and Carter Hill return.  Of those who followed the map above, though, all Ambler’s completed the distance in under 30 minutes, my own pace (and I was one of the trailing runners) being right at 7:30 which is a very strong pace for the group.



  • While Chaser wasn’t present, his presence was felt as the original route was his.  We’ll have to compare notes to figure out why his route, also created on MapMyRun.com, was a full 4 miles while we came up a few feet short.  Represent us well at the BRR this weekend!
  • Everyone who ran this course at this pace can and should run the Gov’s Cup Half Marathon with us on November 9th.  Lots of committed people around the COT this morning.
  • #Amble is in need of some new guys to take Q.  Anyone there this morning is more than capable.  We have a long run to plan for Friday, a speed day for Monday and more opportunities in the future in our recurring pattern.  It’s time for some new guys to step up.  Let me know if you’re willing at [email protected] or just respond below.


  • Governors Cup Half Marathon (continued) is a little more than two months out.  If you’re ready to step up to the plate, now’s the time to start settling on a run plan and start working toward the distance.  We’ll be doing a lot of that at Amble but you’ll also need to factor in a few long runs which we may or may not be able to coordinate through F3.  Get on the list, though, and help us all stay accountable to training for the big event.  Look for a forthcoming update to the Pre-Blast with the registration instructions and the discount code (which is “GC415FFF”).
  • The Ryan Rawl Freedom Run is this Saturday starting out of Crayton Middle School at 8:30.  Registration information is at http://rawlfreedomrun.com/. From the race web site:

The Ryan Rawl Freedom Run honors and memorializes the life of Ryan Davis Rawl, who was killed in action in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber in 2012. Ryan was a Christian, a father of two, a daughter, now age 5, and a son now age 3, a Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy, School Resource Officer at Crayton Middle School, and South Carolina National Guardsman…

If you’re at all available that morning, plans are in the works for a speed driven double down Saturday morning as the DHS Convergence will wrap up a mere 30 minutes before the RRFR gets underway at CMS.  Come do both!  We’ll find a way to make it work.

  • Food Options:  Lunch at Lizards Thicket today at noon.  #April.  AND, Hump Day Happy Hour this evening, 5:30 at Henry’s on Devine Street.  #HDHH.  Come get a little 2nd F.



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    1. Never question Chaser’s distances (I had it at 3.86 at the entrance to the KBC lot – thus the final lap around Woodlake).

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