• When: 10/15/2014
  • QIC: UHaul
  • The PAX: Yogi, Clarisse, Foxy, Thunderbird, Dugger, Milton

Flo Ops 005: Assault


Flo Ops 005: Assault!

7 Pax entered the gloom with rain and wind in full force with their weighted rucks for 005 in the Flo Ops series where it’s an all-out attack on our bodies from the start. Prepping for GORUCK with some hills (Columbia is hilly…who knew?) and no strap ruck carries for “ruck strap appreciation”.  Cadre love to take ruck strap privileges away.  Bear crawls ‘cause it’s a guarantee at GORUCK events as well as overhead squats and thrusters.  Warrior Wednesday is meant to be our toughest day…today did not disappoint and the pax rose to the challenge. Get your minds right, embrace the suck, be “the One”, insert other motivational cliché here…

Conditions: 67 raining and MUDDY …PERFECT

Buy In “Do you even dip bro?”

MAX effort dips on dip station with rucks on. Yes…Uhaul brought a dip station to Warrior Wednesday.Results: Uhaul 35, Yogi 30, Thunderbird 31, Dugger 27, Clarisse 30, Milton 19, Foxy 12

Mosey to Horseshoe Hill.

“Burpee Assault on Horsehoe Hill”

10 burpees at bottom and top of the hill with sprints up/down carrying rucks (NO STRAPS! Ruck Strap appreciation training)

Repeat until you have 100 Burpees completed

**Funny to hear mumblechatter of pax walking around to find a “good” spot in the mud and rain. Once we got our minds right and accepted conditions, work was steady and fast.  Awesome job guys! Tclaps to Yogi for killing it.

“Fall Back Fall Out”

Indian bear crawl while doing merkins to Heartbreak Hill.  **Quote of the day “There wasn’t this much mud at the mud run!”  Sank in mud doing merkins…slipped in mud bear crawling. Perfect.

“Even the Odds”

10 number sequence with run up/down Heartbreak Hill

Odd numbers do overhead thrusters

Even numbers do overhead squats (Squat with rucks overhead)

Looks like: Start with “1 overhead thruster”, run up hill carrying rucks (NO STRAPS! Ruck Strap appreciation training again), “2 overhead squats” run down hill carrying rucks and “3 overhead thursters” etc.

**Tclaps to Foxy for lapping us…it ain’t the ruck guys…it’s the fight in the man carrying it.

“Brothers in Arms”

25 Merkins for Selection Finisher 025 Jon Eytchison

37 Feather Kicks for Selection Candidate 037 AJ Hickey who is currently in the hospital after being med dropped from Selection

Buy out “More dips bro?”

Results: Uhaul 20, Yogi 31, Thunderbird 27, Dugger 22,Clarisse 20, Milton 20, Foxy 8 Tclaps to Yogi for doing more on the buy out.



  • If you aren’t rucking to get ready for GORUCK…get to it! Strong work today despite the weather. Flo Town WILL be ready for GORUCK
  • Next week Flanders brings the pain for Warrior Wednesday.
  • FloOps 006: Bomb Squad is coming in November…details coming…I like twitter.


  • Prayers for AJ Hickey Selection candidate 037
  • Columbia historical ruck Sunday 10/19 3-5pm. HC on F3 Nation
  • Sumter continues their launch, Florence is 10/25 but we may scout out the AO sooner in prep
  • Uhaul’s 26.2 mile ruck on Saturday 10/18 (after return from Sumter if he goes)
  • Thursday is Raptor Run group at Ebeneezer Park 5:30am, 4th Thursday 10/23 is FBomb at Naturally Outdoors 6am
  • NO workout on Friday…check twitter for possible workout/ruck opportunities

BOM: Clarisse

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