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GoRuck Training Gets All Wet

9 men awoke before 5am to the sounds of rain hitting their roofs and reached over, grabbed the #redpill anyway and arrived at Bull&Blossom at 5:30 for a one hour ruck. These men had probably worked out at a boot camp yesterday and several had already done one GoRuck prep workout on Monday.  Those reasons, combined with the sounds of the falling rain gave each man several great excuses to put the #redpill down, and MANY others did.  With our GoRuck Challenge only 5 weeks away though 9 men rose to the challenge to #getbetter. #Respect to my 8 brothers who posted with me. You make it worth it.

Conditions: 68 degrees, wet and with periods of steady rain.


March with #ShovelFlag from #TheBull across Blossom to YHC’s truck and get our #coupons for the day which included: 2 x 45 pounds plates on a 5 foot pole (total weight 100 pounds) now called #BigDawg & 2 x 25 pound plates. 2 men on the 100# coupon #BigDawg (pictured) and one 25# coupon to one man. Rotate on and off #coupons throughout.


March with #coupons in 2 lines to the corner of Blossom and Pickens and into the university property beside #GillsCreek.

Pain Station 1: (Set down coupons during pain stations)
Merkins x 10 (single count “down/up” focusing on staying together, mirror the man next to you. Cadre will want us to look exactly the same in movements)
Squats with rucks on heads x 10
Squats with rucks extended over head x 10
Flutter Kicks with rucks on chest x 10 (4ct) then extended over chest x 20 (4ct)
Seated Flutters x 15 (4ct) (ruck on your back and partners seated back-to-back)
Recover and form up quickly.

Into #GillsCreek: This took teamwork to figure out how to navigate the steep, wet 10 foot bank in the dark rain with #ShovelFlag and 150 pounds of #coupons. #MajorCrowdPleaser
Walk #GillsCreek from Pickens to Wheat ~.2 mile with #coupons: This took teamwork as well to navigate the rocky, murky creek swollen from the last 12 hours of rain. Depths varied from knee deep to waist deep and the current was swift.
Exit #GillsCreek at Wheat up a steep 15 foot, rocky bank: Again, teamwork, getting 150 pounds of #coupons and the #ShovelFlag up that bank was no easy task. YHC slipped and fell doing so and went in chest deep #bathtime. We also found a lizard during this process that was watching us inquisitively. We named him Sway because he looked sleepy. Once we got to the top of the bank we were greeted by a USC campus cop…”Ya’ll must be F3?”, “Uh…yeah”, “Cool, I’m WideRight, haven’t worked out with ya’ll much lately. This new gig has me working nights and early mornings.” So…lesson is…We. Are. Everywhere. (And, if you get in trouble on campus you now know where to make your first call).
Recover and form up quickly.
Reassemble #BigDawg and form two lines and march up Wheat towards campus. (Focus on marching in cadence)

Blatt Pain Station:
Plank x 60 seconds high, 30 seconds low, 30 seconds high.
Flutter Kicks with rucks on chest x 10 (4ct) then extended over chest x 20 (4ct)
Merkins x 10
ShoulderPress rucks left/right overhead x 20
Recover and form up quickly.

Form up with coupons and march up Wheat and turn right on Sumter rotating on the coupons. (Attempt to assure sorority girl at the corner of Wheat/Sumter that we are not as bad as we look. #likelyunsuccessful #walkofshame?)

March with #coupons up Sumter across Blossom. Stop behind the theater.

LongstreetTheater Pain Station: (pouring rain)
Squats with ruck on head x 15
DuckWalk around planter (~25yards total. DuckWalk: ruck on chest, low squat position, hands behind head)
BearCrawl around planter
Merkins x 10
Recover and form up quickly.

Form up and march with coupons up Sumter turn right on Green. March in cadence.

RussellHouse Pain Station:
Two lines on either side of the #Gamecock on Green.
Lunge walk on down/up call past the #Gamecock (~30 yards): Mirror the man in front of you.
Circle up around #Gamecock: ShoulderPress rucks left/right overhead x 25
Recover and form up quickly.

Form up and march with coupons down Green and turn right on Bull rotating coupons. Down Bull to Blossom.

Bull Pain Station:
Plank x 60 seconds
Merkins x 10
Plank x 30 seconds
Merkins x 10
Plank x 30 seconds
Merkins x 10
Flutter Kicks with rucks on chest x 15 (4ct) then extended over chest x 15 (4ct)
Recover and form up quickly.

Form up and march across Blossom to YHC truck and deposit #coupons (no tears shed leaving #coupons)

BOM led by Chaser

#T-Claps again to the men who posted. Many surely wondered what the heck they got themselves into as we stepped into the flooded, rushing waters of #GillsCreek pre-dawn in the rain (I can promise you YHC did).
– Major #T-Claps to #Seabass who has been in F3 a grand total of 8 days and has already done more #CSAUP than many. Honestly worried about his sanity. #WingBack isn’t far behind either as he has not been around long and has already done the MudRun (and done it well) and now these GoRuck workouts.
GoRuck training thoughts: I’ve been talking alot with veteran F3 GoRuckers like Flay, AP, Winnebago, Uncle, Mutiny and Dallas to find out what particular exercises the Cadre are likely to beat us down with and how they like them done. One thing everyone says is that in GoRuck there is no tolerance for individuality. The Cadre will beat it out of you. Everyone does every rep exactly the same. So, we must gravitate to the lowest common denominator and focus. They generally call 2ct exercises to make it tougher to stay together (rather than getting in the rythm of 4ct cadence) so you have to pay attention to what the man next to you is doing and how fast he’s moving. Remember: one KEY difference in F3 workouts and GoRuck is that the Cadre is not doing the work with us. They are holding #clipboards so they can call an exercise as many times as they need to for us to get it right and aren’t limited by how many merkins, flutters, squats, etc they can pull off themselves…they can literally call them all night if we don’t get it right.
They also all say that the Cadre will find a way to make you uncomfortable as soon as possible – thus the jumping in the creek right off the bat this morning. They will get us wet and sandy as soon as they can find a way to do that.
Lastly, all of this sounds alot like my Citadel days (unfortunately) so I anticipate that our workouts need to pick up the pace a bit. Not so much in the pace of our marching or excercises but in the way we move. I’d bet a ton we’ll hear the phrase “move with a purpose” more than a few times. So let’s practice getting coupons up and down quickly after stops, forming up quickly and helping our brother next to us up and with his equipment so we can get moving and not have to suffer the consequences.

Friday: Same time, same place. Robber has the Q.
Saturday: Columbia’s 2 year anniversary workout at #Brickpile 7am-8. #Coffeeteria onsite afterward. Sumter launch continues, please post any Saturday you can. Columbia’s next official Saturday responsibility is 11/1.
Sunday: #HistoryRuck from 3pm-5 at Robert Mills House (1616 Blanding Street). Pre-Blast here: http://f3nation.com/2014/10/12/historyruck-pre-blast/. We will cover several miles with many pain stations at significant historical sites in downtown Columbia. MORE great GR training. More miles = good. HC on the pre-blast or you can email DriveBy at: [email protected]

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  1. #Tclaps on a well-engineered beatdown. All of @Chaser’s points about sticking together, moving quickly and with purpose can’t be emphasized enough. Y’all are gonna crush this Challenge if you keep it up like this. Get that gear dialed in ASAP and enjoy the #GoodLivin!

  2. T-Claps Chaser for taking the time to plan this out and lead this training session. Let’s keep it up guys, and remember to swallow the pride and put the team before yourself. Time to embrace the #Iam3rd mentality.

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