• When: 10/16/14
  • QIC: Phonebooth
  • The PAX: Loose Screw, Socrates, Lamont, Mayo, Convoy, Phonebooth

Phonebooth brings a Pain Buffet to Strut

6 Pax rolled into the gloom at Strut for a Pain Buffet delivered by YHC. Not much mumblechatter this morning as YHC kept the Pax guessing as to what was going to be served up next.

Conditions: 58 deg, cool

The Thang:
– SSH x 20 IC
– Imp Walker x 20 IC
– Dirty Dog x 20 IC (left & right)
– Monkey Humpers x 10 IC

Jog to Playground by the school for some Pull-ups:
– Partner up
– 5 sets of 10 pull-ups with 10 Merkins

Jog back to Cinder blocks and Bricks, get two bricks and one block per man, single count OYO
– Curls with Blocks x 30
– Axe chop with Bricks x 30
– Rows with Blocks x 30
– OH Tricep Ext with Bricks x 30
– Block Press (on your back) x 30
– Boxing with Bricks x 30
– Put blocks/bricks up

Time for some Abs:
– Russian Twist x 30 IC
– Flutter Kicks x 30 IC
– Freddie Mercury x 30 IC
– LBCs x 30 IC

Burpee Train showed up, #crowdpleaser

Finished off with Derkin, Werkin, Merkin with Partner from 1 rep to 9 reps back down to 1 rep
– Do 1 Derkin
– Do 2 Werkins
– Do 3 Merkins
– Do 4 Derkins
– And so on all the way up to 9 Merkins and then back down in reverse order

Mosey to Parking lot for COT/BOM

Pax did an awesome job fighting through the workout today. It was great to see some F3 brothers that I haven’t seen in a while as well as meet some new ones. Love the AO at Strut, lots of room and things to do there. I highly encourage everyone to go visit with Strut some time this fall. Thanks to everyone for welcoming me out at Strut.

Devotional: Let Godly Commitments Define You by Rick Warren.
“Since everything around us is going to melt away, what holy, Godly lives you should be living.” (2 Peter 3:11) Your commitments can develop you, or they can destroy you, but either way they will DEFINE you. Think about what you are committed. Is it work/your job? Is it sports? Is it Hunting/Fishing? Is it your family? Now think about if your commitment is Godly? Some folks are afraid to commit and others only half-hearted commit. Both of these paths lead to disappointment, mediocrity, and bitterness. As believers we should ensure that our commitments are the same commitments as Jesus. And when we commit, we must follow through 100%. Not just for us, but for our families and friends that look up to us. Demonstrate your leadership by staying true to your Godly commitments. Take some time to talk to your children about what it means to commit and what they should commit themselves to.


– Remember to do your 2nd F tonight at the British Bulldog, 5:30pm. Come spend some time with your F3 brothers outside the gloom.
– Keep Pajanimal in your thoughts/prayers as he works his way through the healing process.
– Keep Convoy’s wife in your thoughts/prayers as she has medical procedure today.
– Keep Enos in your thoughts/prayers as he continues to recover from an ankle injury.
– Keep Stones in your thoughts/prayers as he continues to recover from kidney stones.
– Watch Twitter for 2nd F opportunities for lunch today as well.
– Saturday start at Strut is at 6:30am
– Coffeteria is at Stones’ house this Saturday. If you are going, please let Socrates, Pebbles or Fiji know ahead of time.

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