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AO: Battle
Q: Misfire
PAX: Big Worm, CESS, Prodigal, Spot, Hawg, Misfire
FNGs: None
WARMUP: soccer warmup for Cesspool’s groin (too much lovin’)
THE THANG: mosey to Battle Loop
Lots of pull-ups mixed in with blocks
– bench press iron cross
– curl press
– LBCs
– squats
– etc
Wall sits for a bit
Lunge walk out of the battle loop to grass by Battle pad
Russian big boys 1-10/4-40
– like hustler merkins but with big boys and Russian twists
Falcon hill suicides at 4 signs on left
Slum dog squats
– like hustler merkins but with squats and calf raises 1-10/4-40
Run to stoplight at top of Falcon and Forest and back down
Werkin claps
– like hustler merkins but with wide arm merkins and overhead claps 1-10/4-40
#supercrowdpleaser #whoknewtheseclapscouldbsobad
Indian run bag to COT
MARY: ring of fire for a bit
ANNOUNCEMENTS: none bc @ronda bailed on his AO
COT: celebrate Holy Week

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