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Battle with BOMBS (and other fun stuff)

AO: Battle
Q: Prodigal
PAX: Prodigal, Ronda, Spot, Ward Bradley
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Mosey to football field, SSH, LB Arm Circles, OH Claps, Raise the Roof, Michael Phelps, Squats
THE THANG: 7 of Diamonds: 7 burpees at each corner of the football field, followed by 14 merkins, 21 big boys, 28 squats, 21 American hammers, 14 lunges (single count), and 7 merkins.

BOMBS: Burpees (50), OH Claps (100), Merkins (150), Big Boys (200), Squats (250) – DORA, partners alternating exercise with sideline to sideline run.

Merkin Ladder: 20 Merkins, run to opposite sideline, 19 Merkins, run back, 18 Merkins, etc.
Mosey back to flag.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: CHS 10-Year 3/11, D2D 2/18
COT: Prayers for Phlegm’s M and our daily battles.

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