• When: 09/13/2014
  • QIC: SubPrime & Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Lloyd, Bloodwork, Flamer, Robber, Polo, Pajanimal, Hustler, Peaches (FNG Eric Diersen), BuzzSaw, Soup, Collar, Sheets, ChopShop, Okra, Adrian, Misfire, Toothpick, Cesspool, Chaser, SubPrime, Fountainhead

#Battle: Enter the #UrbanMudRun

A record smashing 21 pax posted for this Saturday’s edition of #Battle and thanks to a pre-blast they knew, sort of, what they were signing up for.  Mud Run prep was the theme of the day and the consensus at the end was this simulation pretty much nailed the tempo of the actual event.  Mud Run-themed workouts are nothing new to the Columbia Region but to date none of them have captured the ‘run’ part.  The idea behind today’s workout was to present plenty of obstacles requiring strength and interpretation of instructions followed by lengthy stretches of running as fast as possible.  As we’ve said many times, your team cannot finish the Mud Run any faster than your slowest runner.  Get running!

Conditions: 75 with 90% humidity

The Thang:

#UrbanMudRun – Partner up with someone of similar ability (or run with your Mud Run team if present)

The Course

#F3Battle Mud Run Loop 9-13-2014

The Obstacles

AC Flora Campus:

Run a bit to warm up to the circle of death

  1. Burpees X 10
  2. Over Circle Wall dropping off the back on the downhill

Battle Loop:

  1. Climb up and over pullup bars (alternate: 10 Burpees)
  2. 10 Pullups (alternate: 10 Burpees)
  3. Run the Battle Loop
  4. Arm walk the parallel bars
  5. Climb up and over pullup bars (alternate: 10 Burpees)

Golds Gym hill up  Brentwood:

  1. Bear Crawl 50 yards

Greenhill/Atascadero intersection:

  1. 50 Merkins

Clemson Ave:

10.  Bear Crawl 50 yards

Crayton Tree of Life

11.  Box Jumps/Step-ups X 10 jumps or each leg

12.  Dips X 20

Hamburger Hill

13.  Up and down 5 times

Citadel Park:

14.  Over/Unders X 10 (Hop the fence and then crawl under…  back and forth for 10)

15.  Slide Climb (Climb the pole at the tall slide and then go down the slide) (alternate: 10 Burpees)

16.  Run around the Park stopping at the picnic benches to do Dips X 20

17.  10 pullups (alternate: 10 Burpees)

18.  Climb up and over the lower swing set bar (alternate: 10 Burpees)

Chicora Hill:

19.  Bear Crawl 50 yards up the Chicora hill (Between Clemson & Hillside)

Idalia Park:

20.  Over/Unders X 10 (Hop the fence and then crawl under…  back and forth for 10)

21.  Burpees X 10

Greenhill/Atascadero intersection:

22.  50 Merkins

AC Flora Campus:

23.  50 Merkins (when first getting back onto campus)

24.  Down the wall beside the tennis courts

25.  Tag the far goalpost

26.  Back up and over the wall at the tennis courts

Finish line at Shovel Flag


BOM – Closed out by SubPrime


  • Gassed: This is the only word YHC can come up with but it doesn’t quite do it justice.  The first pair to finish was supposed to lead Mary but no one had any juice left for that.  Great job by all 21 pushing through the humid, hilly course.
  • Attention to Detail: Fountainhead gets it.  YHC’s contribution to this workout was the route and general idea.  Fountainhead designed every obstacle and went the extra mile in printing 26 signs (using military font) complete with a disclaimer that the signs would be collected by 9:00 AM and positioned them throughout the course prior to the workout.  Signs were attached to walls, fences, tires, telephone poles, and even taped down in the middle of the streets (to prevent cars from running over them).  T-Claps T-Claps T-Claps
  • Welcome Peaches (FNG Eric Diersen)!  YHC can say this now, tough loss for the Dawgs.  Really glad you posted though and it was great meeting you.  We hope you’ll post in Atlanta.


0 thoughts on “#Battle: Enter the #UrbanMudRun”

  1. This was really a fun thing to help Q, especially in a #Battle environment. Great work to everyone who posted. Going in we didn’t know how well this would simulate the MudRun but the combination of fairly long runs between stations plus the need to team up to get past certain obstacles really did mimic the real thing. Good stuff.

    1. Enjoyed my V-#Battle (is that in the Lexicon?) Great job by SubPrime & Fountainhead (good to meet you-F3 Columbia is in great hands). I was absolutely SMOKED after that workout. Great Mud Run prep!

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