• When: 09/15/14
  • QIC: Pajanimal
  • The PAX: Kim Jong, Subprime, Alter Boy, Quest, Tuff Guy, Cornstash, Streudel, Dufresne

The Bull: A 3-in-1 Workout

The Bull demonstrated what a versatile workout it can be. Nine pax posted for the Bull this morning. YHC traversed up and down the 25% grade hill 22 1/2 times for a sprint focus. Three pax carried weight for laps, thus getting in a strength workout. Finally, five pax went for laps without weight, thus shifting the focus more on endurance.

Unwittingly, (which is to say I was too tired to be witty) in 48 hours I’ve posted at two of Fountainhead’s designed workouts.AOBattle’s mudrun prep course Saturday, and the Bull Monday. And I took a cue from the architect, who last week rode the Bull a new way (heavy 50 lbs.) He experienced, and I quote, “…a completely different kind of horrible than running for speed/reps.” So, I rode a third way introduced by TuffGuy, namely, taking the 25% grade hill AMRAP. If you do this I recommend bringing an extra set of calf muscles, (Hay! I wasn’t even going for the pun on that one!)

Strength-Speed-Power-Endurance. The point I’m conveying is you can achieve a lot of goals riding the Bull different ways. Elite athletes use periodization to improve. To get better at achieving their performance goals, they focus on different aspects of conditioning at different times.

Pax Laps Wt Points
AlterBoy 5.75 0 173
Cornstash 6.75 0 203
Dufresne 2.5* 0 75*
KimJung 3.25 0 98
Quest 3.25 35 211
Streudel 6.50 0 195
Subprime 6.0 15 270
Tuff Guy 4.5 40 318

*Around these parts, you get a “*” when you run 5 miles BEFORE running The Bull. Really, Dufresne?! Aye!

Most points TuffGuy (Matador) 318
2nd place Subprime 270
Most weight TuffGuy 40 lbs
Most laps Cornstash 6.75


BOM led by Streudel

Backblast written by Pajanimal.

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