• When: 09/13/14
  • QIC: Peachy
  • The PAX: Mayhem, Sea Bass, Oz, Earlobe, Turnbuckle, Peachy, FNG Train Wreck

Lucky 7


Weather – 75 degrees and HUMID (extra gloomy)

It started out with FNG Train Wreck, Mayhem, Turnbuckle and myself but luckily were joined mid SSH by Sea Bass, Oz and Earlobe.  Better late than never.  7 > 4 in my book.

The Thang:

Quick Prayer

SSH X 20

TTT X 20



Merkins X 25

Carolina Dry Dock X 25

BBS X 25

Rock Bottom Squats X 25

Imperial Walkers X 25

Dufresne’s Loop (25 dips and 25 decline merkins, 25 BBS, 10 burpees) Rinse and Repeat for 15 minutes

5 minutes of AB work

Wall Sits X 45 seconds (4 rounds)

Balls to the Wall X 45 seconds (3 rounds)

OTL X 30 seconds (over and back, front and back, right leg, left leg)

Four corners on large soccer field (25 merkins, 25 Reach for the Sky, 25 BBS, 25 LBC’s) Rinse and Repeat 3 X’s


Sept. 17th is the last day to register for the mud run

Hurricane Hike next weekend in Camden.  Contact Mayhem for details

Prayer Requests:

Walker Strong

Mayhem’s Mother in Law has Bell’s Palsy

Name Train – Greg Lewis = Braves Fan = Train Wreck

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