• When: 12/6/12
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Mel, Nap (WB), Checker (WD) Sway, Mission, Noodle

A Real Patriot Would Plant It Deeper

The shovel flag was struck into rocky ground as 6 pax convened at DHS on a breezy  Thursday morning to shake off the effects of Tuesday’s block-o-rama. Hoping for a lighter workout, they were disappointed to learn a new word: Tabata.

The Thang:

Warmup Jog lap around school


SSH x27

Little Arm Circles forward x20

LAC backward x20

High Knee Heismans x20

George Rogers x25

Butt Kicks x20

High knees x20

Vertical Jumps x10

Tabatas – 20 seconds hard, 10 second rest x 8 sets:
Mountain Climbers

Hollywood Squares:
Dips x15
Right Leg Lunges x15
Wide Merkins x10
Left Leg Lunges x15
People’s Chair x:60
Squats x10

Mary (led by Mission):
Russian Twist x20
Superman Banana x3
Low Flutter x25
Rosalita x16
Freddie Mercury x15
LBC x20


0 thoughts on “A Real Patriot Would Plant It Deeper”

  1. Looks, uh, fun *nervous laugh* Remind me to stay far away north of Columbia. What’s a George Roger, anyway? The first time (in a long time) we did Tabata at 131Main, we did Burpees…jus sayin’ AYE!

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