• When: 12/4/12
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Woody, Heartbreaker, Ike Rider, Logo, Noodle (FNG Hugh Willcox), Luke (War Daddy), Neighbor, Checker, Barou (FNG Billy Newsome), Mississippi Fred (War Baby), Mission, Sway, Mel

There're Snakes In There

13 curious pax entered the DHS gloom to find out why exactly Sway wanted each to bring $2.00. Here’s a hint: it wasn’t to pay the paperboy. By the end, there were few laughs and little chatter as a fat-burning cardio downpainment was made in Columbia. No one was cheated, including the QIC who nearly spilled merlot on the second set of power jumps.

The Thang:

Cardio Power (all in cadence except timed events):

Jog in place x :30

Power Jacks x10

Wide Heismans x10

123 George Rogers x15

Butt Kicks x15

High Knees x15

Vertical Jumps x10

Repeat Twice (three total sets)


Jog to High Field where the Shovel Flag was waiting



Power Jumps x10

Belt Kicks x15

Hit the Ground x10

Carolina Dry Dock x10

Repeat once (two sets)


Jog to Brick Cage


Barack Obama (aka Block-o-Rama) all in cadence:

Calf Raises on one block x20 (each leg)

Goblet Squats with block x10

Decline Merkins, feet on block x10

Brick Carry – right hand across field, left hand back, x2

Brick Curl x10

Merkins on Block x10

Repeat (two sets total)


Jog to high field to retrieve shovel flag, jog to Hollywood Squares





  • 24 cement blocks miraculously appeared overnight in our AO and joined an overgrown stack of bricks stored in an old dog pen on the DHS campus. Reported cost on these was $1.41 plus tax, rounded up to — you guessed it — $2.00. They will remain in the AO.
  • Upon learning the location of the blocks, Heartbreaker informed the group,”There’re snakes in there. I’ve seen ’em.”  None were spotted today.
  • Lots of new exercises today required instruction and time did not permit Mary. Only the QIC was disappointed.
  • Sway brought a printed list of the workout. However, in the gloom it was nearly impossible to read. Lesson: either memorize it or print bigger
  • 2 FNG’s this morning, showing definite evidence the word is spreading.


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