• When: 12/1/12
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • The PAX: Logo, Mel. Opie, Roscoe (QIC), Checker (FNG Shell Suber), Spooks Chair, Yellow Hat (FNG Tom Falvey, and WD), Spud, Stegman, Mission, Nap (WB), Pink, Tugger, Woody, Sway, Luke, Cutler, Boss Hogg (LIFO)

SAT's in the AO

The Columbia gloom was a little more populated this morning when the shovel flag was staked. In addition to the 19 pax who posted (including 2 FNGs) a bevy of high schoolers and their parents arrived early to take the SAT. Before the doors opened, our pax drew a large audience, particularly during the Hollywood Squares. I have to believe the cadence and grunts were a little louder because of the onlookers. None joined in, however, as they appeared to want none of what Roscoe was dishing up.

The Thang:

Warmup lap around school.

COP: SSH x30, LBC x15, Mountain Climbers x15, CDD x15, Imperial Walker x20, Merkins x15

Lunge Walk half field then sprint and 4 burpees x2

Bent Jacob: LBC’s x4


Wall of Pain:

People’s Chair x:60

Squats x15

People’s Chair x:60

Squats x15

Balls to the Wall x:60

Jungle Bois x18


Mosey to Hollywood Squares:

Step ups x10 each leg

Incline Merkins x10 in cadence

Dips x10

Decline Merkins x10

Lunges, one leg on bench x10 (in cadence, each leg)

Incline Diamond Merkins x7


Jog to high field.

Tires and planks: 3 man tire roll x3, plank while waiting, x2

Ark Loader: Bunny Hops over planking pax x10, twice. Bear Crawl 25 yds, Crab walk 25 yards, Sprint 50yds, backward run 50 yds, karaoke 50yds across and back.


Jog to low field:

Six Minutes of Mary – LBC x12, Dolly x12, Rosalita x12, Boat Canoe x3, Superman, Boat Canoe x3 again because Spooks Chair complained, Carolina Dry Dock x10, Merkins x10, Diamond Merkins x10




  • T-claps to Checker – first post coming off gall-bladder surgery
  • Three-day schedule moving forward – Tuesday/Thursday 5:45-6:30; Saturday 7:00-8:00
  • 8 of 19 2nd F at Lizard’s Thicket – we need a better ratio next week
  • Logo suggested a Columbia Christmas get together/happy hour
  • Bulk order and gear discussed, also encouragement to use the website
  • Prayers to Crotch Rocket – come back soon


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