• When: 2018-04-16
  • QIC: Chedda, Gravedigger & the AOQs
  • The PAX: ANY and ALL F3 PAX are invited to join us!

2018 Gauntlet Preview

This year’s Gauntlet will take F3 Lexington’s ultimate week-long CSAUP event and double it in an “Old School” vs. “New School” beatdown that’s got to be experienced to be believed. All PAX from Lexington (as well as our surrounding regions) are invited to come out and join in the “fun” as we visit 10 AOs in 12 days and take on each location’s toughest version of AMRAP goodness.

It’s important to note that ALL DAILY GAUNTLET COURSES WILL BEGIN AT 5:00. Get there early to “warm up” because we’ll take no more than 5 minutes to explain the “deal” and then we’ll be off and running.

Here are a few different ways to approach the 2018 Gauntlet:

ALL INMake it a goal to attend and crush every event. Many will attempt this, but how many will succeed? This is why The Gauntlet is “The Ultimate YOU vs. YOU Challenge.”

DO WHAT YOU CANBecause of scheduling conflicts, some PAX simply cannot make it to every event. That’s no reason to avoid participating. Identify the dates that work for you, and make it a point to attend those events. The more PAX we have each morning, the more enjoyable the entire experience will be.

THE BUDDY SYSTEMFind an accountability partner (or two) and hold one another accountable for posting. You can even run the courses together and push one another to do more than either of you would on your own. This is a great way to exemplify #ISI.

However you decide to approach this year’s Gauntlet, make sure that when you’re out there you remember that this is designed to push each of us up to and even beyond the limits we might otherwise set for ourselves. While I’ve heard it said before, “Don’t PACE yourself. PUSH yourself,” in this case it would be wise to do both. Whether you make it to one, two or all of the events, this is designed to be the ultimate YOU vs. YOU challenge and nothing more. We will not be keeping stats, and there will be no “winners” at the end of it all. With that out of the way, let’s get on with breaking it all down…

* Up first on the OLD SCHOOL side of the 2018 Gauntlet on Monday, April 16th is THE VIPER

This slithering menace located at The Snake Pit offers more steps, hand-release merkins and core-crushing exercises than should be legal. All PAX should meet at the bottom of the “Big Boy Steps” near the building. Did I fail to mention that we’ll start with the traditional beep test? Sixty seconds to get up, down and “rest” before you do it again. Do as many rounds as you can, and when you’re absolutely spent you get to “cool down” with the rest of what The Viper has to offer.

* On Tuesday, April 17th we’ll head to Turning Point for THE KAMIKAZE

With your body still reeling from all the steps you climbed a day earlier, The Kamikaze will have you begging for mercy thanks to its all around assault that includes ever-increasing and seemingly never-ending numbers of MERKINS and BIG BOY SITUPS with some PULL-UPS and LUNGES thrown in for good measure. You’ll want to come out to see why the Kamikaze has been called F3 Lexington premiere AMRAP course.

* Wednesday, April 18th takes us to the Hollow for THE TOMCAT

Just when the Kamikaze has erased all of The Viper’s steps from your mind comes an AMRAP course that never stops bringing the pain. How hard can a few steps followed by some MERKINS and LBCs be, right? The Tomcat is not for the faint of heart. Of course, if you’ve made it this far, your heart must be in pretty good shape.

* Thursday, April 19th is when we take our talents to Shawshank for THE SLAMMER

This course has it all. It has TRICEP DIPS, BEAR CRAWLS, MERKINS, SQUATS, CALF RAISES and plenty of running. Its a well-balanced attack that has to be experienced by everybody. You don’t want to miss ANY of these courses, but you DEFINITELY don’t want to miss The Slammer.

* We wrap up the week in fitting fashion at THE REAPER

New AOQ Shake & Bake has promised to bring the brand new “Blood & Guts” version of The Reaper just for this year’s Gauntlet. For those who haven’t experienced it yet, I’ll let your imagination run wild.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. You’ve completed what used to be considered “The Gauntlet” but is now only the half-way point. In doing so, you’ve earned two rest days. Take advantage of this time because before you know it week two will begin. And there is NOTHING easy about week two.

* Week two kicks off the NEW SCHOOL side of this year’s Gauntlet with a visit to Detention for EXPULSION

Some of us have spent more time in the principal’s office than others, but hopefully none us has ever faced “expulsion”… until now. This tour around campus offers a variety of exercises and will leave you wishing you had stayed home sick. If you’re a good boy and get everything finished, you won’t have any homework when all is said and done. You WILL, however, take some lingering soreness with you in the form of tired shoulders, abs and legs.

* Tuesday, April 24th takes us back to the campus of Lexington High School and the C.A.T. AO for CAT5

How hard can a AMRAP course be at an AO that doesn’t allow running, right?! Picture a category 5 hurricane transformed into a workout. It’s like that only harder. If you’re so tough and think you’ve got what it takes, meet us at C.A.T. and we’ll all see how “tough” we are.

* The halfway point of week two is on Wednesday, April 25th at Smokehouse for THE SMOKER

Just when you thought you were done with steps, you make the trek all the way out to Batesburg High School to see what the Smokehouse boys do for “fun.” Let’s just say that it’s not exactly a stroll in the park, but once we’re done we’ll only have two more days left to go, so like… that’ll be nice.

* On Thursday, April 26th we’ll meet up at Ambush for THE GRINDER

If you’ve made it this far, you’re pretty much running on fumes, but there’s no sense in turning back now. The Grinder will not take it easy on any of us and promises pain for all those who dare to step up to the challenge. One thing is for sure, when all is said and done, we’ll all be glad there’s only one day left to go.

* We wrap things up at one of F3 Lexington’s newest AOs, The Arena, and it’s little gem of an AMRAP known as THE GLADIATOR

This course covers seven-tenths of a mile per lap and include a balanced attack of BURPEES, T-PLANK MERKINS, 4-CT. FLUTTER KICKS, SQUATS, BEAR CRAWLS and LUNGES. Its got a little bit of everything (except steps) and is the perfect way to wrap up the 2018 Gauntlet.

WOW! That was brutal just typing all of that out. How bad is it gonna be to conquer each of these courses?!


1. All of these events will kick off at 5:00, so be there a few minutes early so we can review the course and get started on time.

2. These are YOU vs. YOU events not competitions. Be prepared to push yourself and one another, but do not expect a gold medal if you do more laps/reps than everybody else.

3. While “statistics” will NOT be kept, attendance will be recorded in order to keep track of all the PAX who make it to every event.

4. All F3 PAX, regardless of region, are invited to join us for any or all of the 2018 Gauntlet events.

5. Ten events in twelve days is a lot, so be sure to rest, refuel and recover daily. Also, take full advantage of the two days in between weeks one and two. We’re trying to get better, not broken.

6. Set a goal, seek accountability and show up on Monday, April 16th ready to take on the challenge of…

F3 Lexington’s Ultimate YOU vs. YOU Challenge – The 2018 Guantlet!

We’ll see you all there. Can’t wait!