• When: 2020-11-26
  • QIC: Wapner
  • The PAX: Roadhouse, DARPA, Canseco, Software, LittleGiants, Wapner


YHC agreed to take the Q with the promise of something fun. 5 other PAX (well, 4 PAX and one 2.0 that likely didn’t have a choice) decided to join YHC to find out what that meant. 

After a disclaimer that would make Dredd proud, we moseyed to the top of the back hill for instructions on frisbee golf. Split into teams of 3. The rules were that each team had a different color disc. Each team was to rotate through players throwing until the disc hits the designated target (or hole). After a throw, the team sprints to their disc and performs the stated exercise (5 merkins on odd holes; 5 squats on even holes). The team with the lowest score on a hole wins. The losing team has to do the exercise of the winning team’s choice x the number of strokes the losing team had on that hole. Rinse and repeat for 9 holes or 40ish minutes.

Plenty of fellowship and hopefully a sneaky decent workout was had. It was mentioned that one team had an 11 y/o on it (as if that were a handicap) to which the other team mentioned it had a 39 y/o on it that basically evened things out.

Announcements: FHF wrapping up

Prayer req: traveling PAX, families to stay healthy

Devo:  Phil. 4:4-7 – giving thanks to God should happen regardless of your circumstances; learning to give thanks where you are and in spite of your particular circumstances leads to the peace of God. We tend to think of giving thanks because things are generally going well, but really, we should be giving thanks regardless because even in the worst situations, there are blessings to be found. You just have to look. 

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