• When: 2021-07-02
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Dunphy (R), Pick Axe, Ken Doll, Argyle, Kenwood (R).

Urban Legend honors our stars and stripes

Fun fact for today…  Some may not know this, but America voted/declared their independence from Britain on July 2nd, 1776.  It was announced/published two days later on July 4th.  So that is the day we celebrate (but not really the day America became independent).

Regardless, today is in fact July 2nd and YHC recycled a weinke used a few years back to help celebrate our stars and stripes.  We had a total of 5 PAX show.  It was muggy, but that didn’t slow us down.  The first time I used this workout, we were pressed for time.  So today I opted for making the “star” our warmup instead of the traditional exercises.  It worked out pretty good.

  • 10 second warning, all regulars, intro, prayer

Follow me around the courthouse, up the steps, to the top of the parking deck to pay tribute to the branches of the US Military.  Since we now have a 6th branch (Space Force) we did some star gazing along the way.  We did exercises at each checkpoint/branch/cone then mosied to the next completing a star per lap.

  • Checkpoint 1 – US AIR FORCE
    • Mission:  “To fly, fight and win in air, space, and cyberspace”
    • Exercise – Bobby Hurley
  • Checkpoint 2 – US ARMY
    • Mission: “To deploy, fight, and win our nation’s wars by providing ready, prompt, and sustained land dominance…”
    • Exercise – Wall Merkins
  • Checkpoint 3 – US COAST GUARD
    • Mission: “To ensure our nation’s maritime safety, security, and stewardship”
    • Exercise – One Armed Bandits
  • Checkpoint 4 – US NAVY
    • Mission: “To recruit, train, equip, and organize…combat ready Naval forces to win conflicts and wars while maintaining security and deterrence…”
    • Exercise – Morning Woods
  • Checkpoint 5 – US MARINE CORPS
    • Mission: “As America’s expeditionary force…the Marines are forward deployed to win our nation’s battles swiftly and aggressively in times of crisis…”
    • Exercise – Burpees
  • We did 3 stars:
    • Star 1 – 5x reps
    • Star 2 – 5x reps
    • Star 3 – 5x reps

After the stars we headed to the front of the courthouse to pay tribute to the stripes…  We did 50 reps of an exercise for the number of stars, then “traveled” down and back 13 rounds for the stripes.

  • Stripe 1 – 50x Flutter Kicks (2 count), then Run
  • Stripe 2 – 50x AirSquats, then alternating Partner Wheelbarrow
  • Stripe 3 – 50x Merkins, then Backwards Run
  • Stripe 4 – 50x Calf Raises, then alternating Partner Carry
  • Stripe 5 – 50x LBCs, then Karaoke
  • Stripe 6 – 50x Lunges (x25 each leg), then High Knees, Butt Kicks
  • Stripe 7 – 50x Hello Dolly, then Bear Crawl, Run
  • Stripe 8 – 50x Shoulder Tap (x25 each arm), then alternating Partner Wheelbarrow
  • Stripe 9 – 50x Mountain Climbers (2 count), then Backwards Run
  • Stripe 10 – 50x American Hammers (2 count), then alternating Partner Carry
  • Stripe 11 – 50x E2K (25x each side), then Karaoke
  • Stripe 12 – 50x Overhead Claps, then High Knees, Butt Kicks
  • Stripe 13 – 50x Hydraulics (each elbow was a rep), then Run

Time worked out great as we got back to the shovel flag for a couple rounds of requested Mary…

  • 25x Iron Cross OYO (Argyle)
  • 25x Hip Thrusters OYO (of course Dunphy)

We wrapped things up with announcements and prayers.  Hopefully I got them all since my voice recording didn’t save…


  • 7/3 – 20 mile run, see Paper Jam
  • 7/3 – convergence is at BeechHouse
  • 8/20-22 – Dad’s Camp
  • 8/21 – Stomp the Swamp

Prayer requests:

  • No Show
  • Other pax with medical conditions, injured, or just need to get back out
  • Marriages
  • Unspoken

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