• When: 2021-08-24
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Spot, Insanity, Cesspool, Hustler, Oscar, Wingman, Traitor, FNG “Phlegm”

Thunder Does Hundreds (and more!)

Great to be back in the gloom for YHC after a slew of challenges this late summer, and proud to help lead these men this morning. We had a near Billy Zane this morning, but Cesspool, being a far superior recruiter to YHC reeled in the man now known as “Phlegm” on our 3rd lap around The Century Club.” Welcome Phlegm, great job Pax, here’s what we did…

Conditions: damp, humid, August. 




BAC fwd 10 IC

BAC bwd 10 IC

Phelps 10 IC

Hip Openers 10 oyo

I. Walkers 20 IC

LLSS (lunge-lunge-squat-squat) x5

The Century Club:

100 Merkins

Run 1 Sprint-Jog Lap (400m track)

100 Squats

Run 1 Sprint-Jog Lap

100 Sit-ups

Run 1 Sprint-Jog Lap

100 Incline Merkins

Run 1 Sprint-Jog Lap

100 Mtn Climbers (2ct)

Run 1 Sprint-Jog Lap

*exercises between each round for the 6:

Round 1: Planks

Round 2 Planks

Round 3: Flutter Kicks

Round 4 and 5: Step-ups

Mosey to COT

Merkin Dealer’s Choice

*Each of the 9 Pax choose a different type of Merkin and call it for a minimum of 5 reps or 5 reps IC

YHC’s finisher:

10 fwd lunges IC

10 reverse lunges IC


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