• When: 2021-05-20
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Pullout, Happy Trees, Homegrown, Wino, Belding, Wilson, Nub

The day the FNG didn’t show

Well before laying down for my standard 4 hrs of sleep last night YHC was a bit excited, as over the past few weeks we have gotten some fresh faces posting to Smokehouse and word had it that another FNG was gonna show this morning too. The thoughts of a FNG always make me smile so as to try and bring another man over to this wonderful thing called F3. A weinke was constructed and to bed I went. Arrived early to move a few blocks and bricks around and lo and behold checked my phone to a text from the FNG bowing out. Oh well, it’ll happen one day I have confidence but FNG or no it was time to bring the plan of action to the Smokehous-ians.

Disclaimer, wait on Belding to get out of his truck…Prayer. Let’s GO!!!

COP–SSHx15IC, Rocky Balboa’s OMC, Wall Sits OMC, back to Rocky Balboa’s, back to SSH’s.

Mosey to corner of gym. 4 Corners were on the agenda but tried to bring a bit of Arms, Abs, Legs and Cardio to the weinkie so here’s how it went.

Corner 1 w/Bricks– 20 Dirty Birds, 20 Front Raises, 20 OHC’s then mosey to

Corner 2 — 20 Flutter Kicks, 20 Gas Pumpers, 20 V-ups #crowdpleaser the run up the steps and then down the sidewalk to

Corner 3 — 20 Smurf Jacks, 20 Squat Jumps, 20 Bonnie Blairs then up/down Ole Smokey hill and down sidewalk to

Corner 4 w/Blocks — 20 Curls4Girls, 20 Skull Crushers, 20 Chest Presses then mosey back to Corner 1 and Rinse and Repeat.

Not alot of mumblechatter this morning from the guys (w/ no Urkel, Shank, Hollywood, Swayze–missed you guys) but I did hear mention of a Nub Q w/ no apparent Calf Raises…so b4 time was called we headed back to the wall for some balance help and did sets of toes straight, toes in, toes out and back to toes straight (I mean ho hum for Nub but maybe ya’lls calves grew a bit)

Time called. Good work guys, always a pleasure to lead!


Prayers-Wilson’s M’s family, Wino’s M’s family, Family of Brad Carey, Butch Durst. Praise for 15 yr anniversary today for Wilson and his M, congrats!!!

Closing Prayer

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