• When: 2021-09-23
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Cheers, Doo Dah (R), Runaway, Lego, Duff, Soaker

Suck Factor x 10 at Shawshank

Thursday means one thing around Shawshank…IPC. Yep, week 3 was on tap today and it did not disappoint. Cheers brought the big board, on loan from Ken Doll, the course was laid out and the EMOM x 2 timer was set. What could be better than a morning of an insane amount of burpees with fun in between?

7 pax showed up to prove, once again, that Shawshank has the manliest of men in all of Lexington…after all, they follow the example of their humble AOQ. As Jocko likes to say, get after it. So we did.

Weather: 60, low humidity, a nice crisp in the air.

1 minute warning, disclaimer of sorts, opening prayer.


IPC week 3 – krakens, run, burpees with bb’s and squats, run, bb’s, run. A few sprints in between.

Coon Dog set a pace that is to be envied by everyone except those that will finish under 18 minutes. 

Cheers made it through the whole workout without a single TWSS comment. 

Lego deserves a shout out for wearing a tank top this morning. Showing off the guns.

Duff likes to complain about the running but this dude crushed it. 

Runaway finished the workout in fine fashion and failed to merlot. Good job keeping the dinner on the inside this morning.

Doo Dah had his head covered and jug wide open. This water jug has taken on a life of its own. Sure, it sits by a light pole, isolated from humanity for 45 minutes, but as soon as it is back in the grasp of DD, it is the topic of conversation. DD acts like he hates the comments but deep down he is thinking “these guys really like me and my toy. I will keep brining it out to amuse them and myself. Gosh, I am lucky to have such a fine set of pals as these men”. Yep, penetrating thoughts on a Thursday morning.

Well, that was it for the day.

Return to the flag.


Gauntlet – 10/18 start at Snake Pit – 5am

Cheech 10K – sign up with your AO (Soaker AO needs some runners)

Christmas party

Prayer requests:

Ramrod and family

Garth and family

Slim Jim, Notebook, No Show, Field Goal’s dad


Closing prayer.

Devo: Parable of prodigal son. We have a father who will always call us sons, no matter what.

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