• When: 2021-09-23
  • QIC: Brick
  • The PAX: Mulligan, Twerk, Lt Dan, Dominion, Bluebloods, Keychain, Bogey, Doogie, Skid Mark, Black Betty, Net Zero, Wee Wee, Brick

Surge BB 9.23.2021

One Minute Warning:



The weather: Mid 50’s, Perfect!

After experiencing Fuel over at River Bluff the last couple weeks, I decided to share a little variation of the fun with the top shelf men of the Surge. These guys nailed it as they always do over there. I appreciated the cooler weather and large crowd to day. 11 of the 13 pax we had also showed up for SL. Solid morning all around today!!

Warm up Mosey and Circle up

SSH IC X15, Michel Phelps ICX15, Air Squats ICX10, TTT ICX15

The Thang(s):

So in the Fuel 3 man relay format, we did 100yds runs with 2 guys on one end and the other 1 on the other end. One of the 2 stays and does his part of 100 Team burpees, while the other one runs to the solo partner at the other end.  The solo Pax was doing as many as he could of a called core exercise. The 4 rounds we did were as follows.

100 Team Burpees –> Mt Climbers (as many as possible)

150 Team Bonnie Blairs (both legs=1rep) –> Boat Canoes (as many as possible)

200 Team Merkins –> Plank Jacks (as many as possible)

250 Team Air Squats –> Iron Crosses (as many as possible)

Mosey to the picnic tables at the bus loop

15 Dips–> 15 Incline Merkins –> 15 Decline Merkins –> 15 Incline Merkins

Rinse and repeat one more round.


I called 15 Scissor Crunches, Twerk called 10 Burpees (everyone loved this 😊), Key Chain called 15 IC American Hammer (varying speed of his cadence, slow to very fast), Wee Wee called 15 Iron Crosses OYO.



  • Gauntlet coming in October
  • Surge Poker Night, October 9, Springhill Lakes’ Clubhouse, Time: TBD


  • Tinker (Back)
  • Butt Dial’s Family (Covid Recovery)
  • Lil John (Daughters Surgery)

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