• When: 2021-02-16
  • QIC: Brainiac
  • The PAX: Dead Stick (RR), Pups (RR), Harp (R), Katniss (R), PETA, Honboken, Farmer, Brainiac

So that’s the other side of the 50 yd line

Looks like the rain has finally stopped!! The field was soaked so YHC decided that we would not be getting on the ground. YHC did not want to be wet and cold! The majority of the PAX were thankful that we did not get wet. Katniss on the other hand brought up that in the past we would have done tunnel of love or something. We had to remind him that we are wiser now! 

Conditions: 54 and not raining

BOM- Socially distanced



-TTT X 10 IC

-Windmill X 10 IC


-IW X 10 IC

-SSH X 20 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the block pile and grab your new friend for the rest of the workout.

-Lunge with block from goal line to goal line stopping every 20 yards to do the following exercises with block at each stop. Increase each exercise by 5 reps at every stop .  The lines had washed away for the most part so we just guessed. Some PAX who support  “challenged” football programs discovered what the other side of the 50 yard line looked like.

Goal line

-OH press X 5

-Squats X 5

-Curls X 5

20 yards

-OH press X 10

-Squats X 10

-Curls X 10

40 yards

-OH press X 15

-Squats X 15

-Curls X 15

60 yards

-OH press X 20

-Squats X 20

-Curls X 20

80 yards

-OH press X 25

-Squats X 25

-Curls X 25

100 yards/Goal line

-OH press X 30

-Squats X 30

-Curls X 30

Turn around and lunge 20 yards and complete these exercises increasing by 5 reps each stop

-Tricep extension x 5

-Genuine (Squat with chest press) X 5

-Swings X 5

20 yards

-Tricep extension x 10

-Genuine X 10

-Swings X 10

40 yards 

-Tricep extension x 15

-Genuine  X 15

-Swings X 15

60 yards

Tricep extension x 20

-Genuine  X 20

-Swings X 20

80 yards

Tricep extension x 25

-Genuine  X 25

-Swings X 25

100 yards

Tricep extension x 30

-Genuine  X 30

-Swings X 30

All done! Return you block and mosey to the Big Boys! Next up, The Donatello! Everyone’s favorite.




2/20/21 D2D

2/27/21 Adopt a Highway trash clean up (0845 Carolina Springs Elementary)

Prayer request

Emmy and family

Texas and Midwest

Those seeking asylum here in the USA


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