• When: 2019-12-18
  • QIC: Smalls
  • The PAX: Cheers, Dunphy, Bing, Ken Doll, Sharknado, Nick, Short Board, Quisenberry, Double Fault, Swanson, Tater, Smalls

Smalls’ VQ

YHC’s 2.0, Smalls, is a big fan of Anchor so he decided to step up to lead this AM. YHC did help a little but this workout was all his. While he has a ways to go with volume and command, we’ll let him slide because he’s only 14. YHC is proud of him for the courage to lead a group of grown men. Solid workout.

Here’s the recap:

Conditions: 40 degrees

The Thang:


Warm Up
-KB stretches

Round 1 (all OYO)
KB Swings x 20
Curls x 20
Thrusters x 20
Rows (on bench) x 20 (10 each side)
American Hammers x 20 (2-ct)
Farmers Carry to building & back
x 3

Round 2 (all OYO)
KB Swings x 20
Shoulder Presses x 20
Incline Merkins x 20
Around the World x 20
American Hammers x 20 (2-ct)
Farmers Carry to building and back
x 3

Round 3 (all OYO)
KB Swings x 20
Upright Rows x 20
Tricep Ext x 20
Halo x 20
American Hammers x 20 (2-ct)
x 3


Devo: 1 Peter 5:8-11

Prayer Requests:
-Family of Diane Wells. 1-yr anniv of her passing is today
-Raft and M
-Jackson Burgess
-Sharknado’s Mom, Robin

-Parachute Pants

-MC Hammer Pants

-The pax determined Anchor is Warsaw
-Most people think the movie Red Dawn depicts a Russian Invasion. It actually depicts a North Korean invasion. Wolverine!
-Quis does an excellent impression of the granddad and wife Grace from Christmas Vacation
-Stop the search…Swannie was found.
-We also found out Quis is a big fan of John Popper harmonica solos. Never seen him run so fast. Bing made him jealous his story of a 20-min harmonica jam from the John Popper Experience.
-Double Fault likes Polka
-Glad to have Short Board with us. He’s a Citadel senior that will be headed to Ranger school soon.
-We do believe that 14 is the youngest to Q in our region, perhaps the entire F3 Nation.

-12/24 Nativity Ruck
-1/1 New Years Day Convergence. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/lexington-sc/2020-new-years-day-f3-lexington-convergence