• When: 2019-12-18
  • QIC: Little Giants
  • The PAX: Mercy Rule, Drisocket, Flex Seal, Pop Off, Navy Bean (R), El Chapo, Little Giants

Rucks On, Rucks Off, and Rucks On Again

YHC took the reigns of Wednesday morning Wander again and decided to try something different. 7 pax beat the fartsack to brave the cold and wind.

Welcome, Disclaimer, BOM

Weather: 45ish degrees and windy

The Thang: The Pax started out like normal, rucking down main street. When we arrived at the 9/11 memorial we circled up behind the statue and the rucks came off for 15 ruck thrusters and 15 ruck swings. Rucks back on an we ventured around the county buildings and up the dreaded, never ending hill on hwy 6. Once we reached the fountain near the corner of Main Street and 6 rucks came off again for 20 plank pull throughs (10 each way) and 20 American Hammer (10 each side). Rucks on again and we headed back down 6 to Maiden Lane back towards the Icehouse Amphitheater. We entered the amphitheater by the stage. We used the theater stairs for a triple nickel (5 rounds of up the stairs, 5 merkins, down the stairs, 5 squats). After that we set out for round 2 albeit with a lot less mumble chatter. Unfortunately, due to time we only made it to the first station again before having to complete the loop (and the hill on 6) with out stopping for the other stations.

Complaint Department was opened and promptly closed

AnnouncementsSpecial Announcement at CAT tomorrow, Nativity Ruck 12/24  0500 at the county admin building, New Years Day Convergence 0600 @ LHS,

Prayer Request: Boat Plug, Mercy Rule’s co-worker in the hospital, and El Chapo’s friend Rich Gardner