• When: 2021-04-20
  • QIC: Good Hands
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Ranger, Cheers, Garth, Coon Dog, Soaker, Knozit, Dunphy, Lego, Ramrod, Buzz Saw, Grave Digger, Good Hands

Slightly Dazed and Somewhat Confused

13 Pax showed up at Shawshank this morning and we all left a little dazed and confused. YHC was the one who was most confused as it’s been awhile since I’ve been on the Q sheet.  Tunes were rockin’, courtesy of the Dazed and Confused soundtrack…as it was 4:20. (I don’t know the significance but apparently some pax do) Mumblechatter was so-so with quality control inspector Ranger, leading the banter parade.  Pretty sure I got a few zings in on myself too.  Gotta beat them to the punch.  Here’s most of what went down…

Conditions: 51 degrees and clear  

Mosey to block pile


SSH 10

LBAC 10 F & B

Imperial Walkers 10

Slow Squats 10

Block work

Curls 30

Dead Lifts 20

Merkins 10

Block Burpees 5

Rinse & Repeat




Shoulder Press 30 

Rows 20

Merkins 10

Block Burpees 5

Rinse & Repeat




Calf Raises 30

Squats 20

Merkins 10

Block Burpees 5 

Rinse & Repeat




Block Press 30

KB Swings 20

Merkins 10 

Block Burpees 5

Rinse & Repeat


Return blocks



LBC 20

Iron Cross 20

Heel Touches 20

Flutter Kicks 10

Back to Flag




We listened to Matthew McConaughey best actor speech. You tube it if you haven’t heard it…

When I think of heroism in God’s terms, I think of Romans 15:1-2.

We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.

This verse describes the different characteristics of heroism:

  • Helping those in need
  • Buttressing the weaknesses of others with our strengths and vice versa
  • Contributing to the welfare of our neighbors

These are all active words. Being a hero means being a helper, supporter, and friend.  Hollywood portrays heroes in quite a different light: they have supernatural powers and wear capes. As much as I enjoy a superhero movie, I think this is a sad definition of what being a hero means. It’s sad because it’s intangible.

Since I can’t fly and I can’t always discern good guys from bad guys, how can I be a hero?

The Bible defines being a hero as helping those who are in need. We need to offer our strengths to others to support their areas of weekends. – Dr Anne Bradley


Pancake Breakfast – See Cheers

Prayer Request:

Notebook in surgery now


No Show

Slim Jim

Lego’s dad

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