• When: 2019-06-04
  • The PAX: Blue Rhino, Banjo, Bar Crawl, Rumble Strip, Boo Boo, Cable Snap, Danaka, Buble, Lego, and Cream Cheese for Stride Light

Shoulder Workout From a Detainee OG

YHC finally found the opportunity to come out and spend 45 minutes with some old friends getting better ITG.  It was a great day.  Thanks for having me.

Mosey to the block pile, grab a block and head to the Principal.

5 Block swings, bear crawl up the hill, 10 reps of given exercise at 2 level spots, 5 burpees at top of hill.  Crab Walk down hill stopping at each landing for 10 more reps,  plank for size at bottom of hill.

Exercises (10 reps at each landing )



Smurf Jacks

Plank Merkins

Flutter Kicks

Jump Squats

Carry blocks back to pile but don’t put them up yet.

1 merkin, 4 Overhead Presses, 2 merkins 8 OP,…7 Merkins 28 OH.

Come back down the ladder with 6 merkins 24 OP, 4 Merkins 16 OP, 2 Merkins 8 OP.

Put up the Blocks and Sprint to SF.


Daddy & Me 5K – June 15

June 21 P200 registration opens – New Detention Guys take note


Digit’s family

Blue Rhino’s Sister-in-law

Dawn Merk going thru Chemo

Hal McEntosh – had a bypass


Discussed how to call a brother out when needed.  Of course it needs to be done with love and humility.  But if you do not do it because of social awkwardness do you really love him?