• When: 2019-06-01
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Moolah, BunkBed, Cody Tucker Fng-Onsie, Hoboken, Farmer, Lil Foot, Scribble, Tyler Teem Fng-Lambchop, Chapel Rice Fng-Space Monkey, Blah blah, Brainfart, Green Acres, Finch, Emmy, Kazoo, Kiffin, Icarus, Olaf, Glory Days, McCafe, Steamer, Snowden, Runflat, Sauerkraut, Harp (Respect)

Ultimate Tournament Time

With the college baseball regionals starting this weekend, apparently the Pax have been motivated to get the competitive juices flowing.  As YHC pulled into the parking lot, the stadium was already loaded with pax ready to chase the disc.

We did a brief countoff of 25 Pax and split into 4 teams.   The first round was 30 minutes, then the winners faced off and the not so winning teams faced off in for the final 30 minutes.

A few observations:

Glory days catches everything….

If Sauerkraut is defending and in your line of sight, don’t throw it.  He’s baiting you.

Farmer is our resident D coordinator and is serious about defense.

These young guys have springs in their legs and limitless energy

Good to have Blah Blah and his crew back out.

Old people still have value

Overall we had a great time and everyone seems to enjoy both the competition and the fellowship.

Mosey back to the flag




McCutheon family

Young boy shot in Lexington

Naming the FNGs

Chapel Rice, student at UT (Kiffin is taken) aerospace engineering major – Space Monkey

Cody Tucker-attending USC next year, likes to wrestle – Onesie

Tyler Teem-wrestled, used to be called Elvis because of sideburns – Lambchop.

Closing prayer