• When: 2019-06-05
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Stash (FNG - R, I think), Firewall (FNG - R, I think), Kenwood.

No Vegas AO? We’ll fix that (for today).

This will be quick.  In Vegas for training.  Ran with a group of coworkers yesterday.  Figured I’d offer up a bootcamp workout today.  Had a couple attend, and they want another round tomorrow.  Hopefully will rope in a couple of the hard core runners tomorrow.  Figured it was close to a typical F3 workout so I’d do a backblast.

Gathered in front of the Tropicana at 6:00.  Pretty much stayed in the front doing Vegas based exercises.  The two guys who joined were Robert Llora from Charlotte who is now F3 “Stash”, and Mauricio Castiblanco from Chicago who is now F3 “Firewall”.

Warmed up with

  • 10x SSHs IC
  • 10x TTTs IC
  • 10x Imperial Walkers IC
  • 10x Mtn Climbers IC

Ran a lap around the island.

Roll the dice… We each rolled the dice and did the quantity of exercises, ran a lap, repeated until each rolled 3 rounds.

  • 1 – lunge around the small island
  • 2 – partner wheelbarrow
  • 3 – partner merkin claps
  • 4 – hand release merkins
  • 5 – BBSUs
  • 6 – morning woods
  • 7 – LBACs reverse
  • 8 – LBACs forward
  • 9 – Michael Phelps
  • 10 – plankjacks
  • 11 – Imperial walkers
  • 12 – overhead claps

Draw cards… We each pulled a card out the deck, did the quantity of exercises (ace = 1, 10/J/Q/K = 10), ran a lap, repeated until we each pulled 3 rounds.

  • Spade = squats
  • Club = man makers
  • Heart = LBCs
  • Diamond = bobby hurleys

Draw chips… We each pulled a chip and did the exercises of that chip, ran a lap, repeated until we each did 3 pulls.

  • $1 chip = bear crawl
  • $5 chip = 5x burpees
  • $25 chip = 25x flutter kicks
  • $50 chip = 50x team squats
  • $100 chip = 100 m lap

Bootcamp Blackjack…  We each took turns being the blackjack dealer.  The other two placed their bet (pushups, squats, whatever).  You win and the dealer pays up.  You lose and you pay up.  We did a couple rounds each.

As time was running out we started 11s.  With 10x plank jacks, 1x Freddie mercury, 9x plank jacks, 2x Freddie mercury, and got to about 7/4.

… class is starting… gotta run…….