• When: 2021-06-17
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Buzz Saw (R), Ken Doll, Lego, Knozit (R), Dunphy, Sonic, Beast Boy, Soaker

Shawhank BSS – Buzz Saw Slammer

How did we come to the point where the Buzz Saw Slammer made another appearance at Shawshank? Easy…Cheers signs up to Q, hurts his back, Soaker takes the Q, Soaker takes a phone call from Buzz Saw, Buzz Saw Slammer is here. 

YHC had planned on planning the Q later in the evening. I was enjoying the remnants of a grilled London Broil and heavily buttered corn when a text flashes up on the phone…do you have a minute to talk? When Buzz Saw sends a message like this, he either needs help or is feeling somewhat sadistic and wants to share the pain with others. I was hoping he was in trouble so I called. The Buzz Saw Slammer became the agreed upon beatdown, dice and all. Back to the London Broil. Perfectly marinated, perfectly grilled, perfectly ruined by the thoughts of 60 carolina dry docks in my near future. Two antacids later and I was off to bed, eagerly awaiting what was coming in the gloom.

Ken Doll gave the 1 minute warning. Solid guy, always correcting others and making them better.

Disclaimer of sorts, no FNG’s, opening prayer.

Really bad instructions were given so thankfully little bitty weinkes were at each station. 

Roll the dice and multiply the number by 10 for the number of reps. Here is the course:

  1. Shelter – tricep dips then prisoner lunge the long bridge to station 2.
  2. Carolina Dry Docks then run backward to station 3 just in front of the short bridge.
  3. Big Boy Sit Ups then bear crawl the bridge.
  4. Calf raises (one leg at a time) then side shuffle to next station in front of far steps.
  5. Prisoner squats the run to the next station.
  6. Merkins then side shuffle to next station in front of the short bridge.
  7. Curls for Girls and OH Press then bear crawl the bridge.
  8. Hip Thrusters then run back to the shelter and begin lap 2.

Rinse and repeat until time was called. We partnered up and here are the teams:

Ken Doll and Buzz Saw – they put in a good showing and never rolled a 1 or 6.

Knozit and Lego – Chuck Norris has a new haircut and Lego is still bald. Nice team, nice effort.

Beast Boy and Sonic – dear old dad kept calling them out for rolling 1’s at every station and only hurting themselves. Pops made them get in extra miles after bootcamp which was pretty funny.

Dunphy and Soaker – 2 guys down on their luck because all we rolled were 5’s and 6’s. Weighted dice? Maybe, but we got better because of it. It looks like our luck is about to change. Hachacha.


Thirsty Thursday tonight at 7 at Twisted Root – converge with The Hollow.

Stomp the Swamp – August

Shawshank Pool Bash – July 10 Vinters Wood pool – 2-ish. $5 cover charge for the food.

4 year anniversary of Cheech coming up. KD has the Q for stride. No sleeves, leave no doubt.

Prayer requests:

Folks traveling.

Uncle Rico’s wife – kids were able to see her after 3 weeks. Continue praying.

Soaker’s friend, Dave. Long road ahead after 2nd leg amputated.

Closing prayer.

Devo: 2 Timothy 4:7 – I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Solid verse and one I hope to be able to confidently say whenever that day comes. Live each day fully for Jesus and to quote Cheech…Leave No Doubt.

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