• When: 2021-06-17
  • QIC: Fool's Gold
  • The PAX: JDee, Hostel, Milkman (R), Box Wine, Darla, Moose, Laettner, Lumbergh, Soccer Mom, Stagecoach (R), Buddy Love, FG

Sweet Dreams are Made of This…..


Mid 60’s, but felt cooler with noticeably less humidity than we had on JDee’s 90’s and early aughts music laden tear-fest on Tuesday. 

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The chill in the air was made all the more evident by erect nipples observed in a few #MenOfDepot beneath their taut schmedium shirts (Let’s leave a little to be discovered on the 2nd date fellas, sheesh!).

Lucifer - Gif | Lucifer morningstar, Tom ellis lucifer, Lucifer gif

Speaking of getting to know one another, that was an overall theme of today’s Q, but more on that later…..

A quick disclaimer was given and YHC noted that he’d been out of the game for a while (although it seemed few noticed and even less cared) so as to further manage the group’s already exceedingly low expectations of him. #UnderpromiseAndYetStillUnderdeliver.

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Standard fare for a warm up @F3Depot. We jumped in to the exercises, while Lumbergh continued to stretch and flex his calves.

  • SSH’s x 15 IC
  • TTT x 15 IC
  • Calf Raises (all eyes on Lumbee) x 15 IC
  • LACs x 10 IC Forward/Reverse
  • IW’s x 15 IC


Warm up completed, the PAX counted off in “2’s” and “1’s” (thanks to mathematician Moose for bucking the system to start us out #Moosin’Around).

Each group lined up and the “1’s” were instructed to pick a “2” for their partner for the day that they felt they knew the least. Even the #MenOfDepot that loathe each other (you know who you are) are still a pretty tight knit group, so choosing was difficult, but the pairings shook out like this:

  • Stagecoach/Lumbergh
  • Box Wine/Hostel
  • Soccer Mom/Darla
  • Moose/Milkman
  • Laettner/Buddy Love
  • JDee/FG 

After some excellent displays of servant leadership and/or delegation, one PAX from each pair grabbed a block and headed to the track for further instruction.

Today’s Q featured two of our boy STH’s favorite exercises…STHing (formerly known as Cusacking) and running. Here’s how it worked:

Partner 1 STH’s the block around the track as far as they can (track is ~0.2 miles) with Partner 2 encouraging them. IF you have to stop (and EACH time you have to stop), the team completes the exercises/reps below and then the other partner STH’s the block. In between STH laps, you and your partner run a lap on the outer “track” (~0.28 miles).

  • LAP 1 – STH/50 Merkins
  • LAP 2 – Run outer track
  • LAP 3 – STH/50 Big Boys
  • LAP 4 – Run outer track
  • LAP 5 – STH/25 Burpees
  • LAP 6 – Run outer track
  • LAP 7 – STH/100 Flutters
  • LAP 8 – Run outer track
  • LAP 9 – STH/75 Squats
  • LAP 10 – Run outer track

With 5 minutes left, no one had quite completed the full circuit (although YHC spied a few PAX doing squats) so we called it, put our blocks away and circled up for some dealer’s choice #Mary:

  • LBCs x 10 IC (FG)
  • Iron Crosses x 10 OYO (Milkman)
  • Big Boys x ~7 IC (Lumbergh)
  • Flutters x ~10 IC (Stagecoach)

Time up, COT/BOM


Today’s Q was in honor of our boy #STH, who being his considerate self, had taken a slot each month on the Q sheet for 2021. While the simple nature of the Q might imply it was made up on the fly, it’s genesis dates back several weeks atop a steep ridge near Moab, Utah. Exhausted from my trek up the sandstone spire, I took in the breathtaking views of the snow capped La Sal mountains some 30 miles to the north and the famous (at least geologically) Book Cliffs about the same distance to the south.

Aside from the common thread of “I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this”, I had many thoughts on the peak that day. I thought of STH and his love of hiking, camping, chatting with friends, and challenging himself mentally and physically. He would have been in absolute bliss climbing that mountain and soaking in those views. I suspect he would have also felt right at home in our ragtag bunch of grubby geologists exploring the desert southwest. I can imagine him stepping up without being asked and without complaint to do the camp dishes as he did as a guest at Arrears’ party. 🙂

I thought of STH’s courage to share his struggles with me and others as he navigated life’s sometimes complicated relationships as a son, father, brother, and friend. I also thought of how lucky I was to have a phone full of F3 brothers that I’ve been able to lean on time and time again myself. I have witnessed unbelievable feats of strength and determination via F3, not the least of which has been when PAX have exposed their vulnerability through trials and tribulations. STH’s courage in this aspect taught me a lot about strength.

So how does the workout tie in? First, this was a partner exercise where a burden (the block) was shared. STH the block until the burden is too much and then let your brother tote it for a bit. Dust yourself off, regain your strength, and then hit it again. As far as I can tell, this is a big part of why we are here in the first place, to help one another.

The second component was to select a person you didn’t know that well and encourage them and chat with them during the Q. We are a tight knit group at Depot (frankly some of us spend too much time together based on the contents of the Depot chat), but it’s fair to say we know each other on different levels. The hope here was to peel away another layer or two of the relationship onion (C) and get to know each other a little better (#2ndBase). It’s a cliche, but true that “you never know what someone is going through”. For certain, you’ll never know if you don’t connect with them on a level where life’s challenges can be shared.

So, if you are struggling, or just need a laugh. Reach out. I am here for you. Waiting. Literally. 

Right here waiting for you richard marx right here GIF on GIFER - by Muhn    

Let’s do a few T-Claps shall we?

TClaps for the 11 PAX that showed for my first Q since returning to indoor plumbing!

TClaps for JDee for the good conversation this morning and filling in some plot holes to one of his #JDeeStories for me.

TClaps to Stagecoach and Lumbergh for being the only two PAX that were able to STH the block the entire lap!!! 

105119-thats-impressive-gif-bradley-c-jvqw - HawkTalk

More TClaps for Stagecoach for his Wikipedia ready definition of geodes for the group.

Here also, in case you are interested, are a few pics from the trip out west:

Windmills and cattle as far as the eye can see – Great Plains, Amarillo, TX

Our first project camp, student group tent in front of Henry Mountains, UT

Dust storm and 50 MPH winds in the Henry Mountains, UT

Waterpocket Fold (next 2 pics) – Capitol Reef, NP, UT

Them boys are thirstin’ in Atlanta, but not UT where the Banquet tall boy satisfies.

La Sal Mountains in the distance, near Moab, Utah

Copper Ore – Malachite (green streak) and Azurite (blue streak)

Authentic (???) petroglyph (or just graffiti from douchebag tourists) near our Moab area camp 

Sunset near Moab, UT (this was the view from camp)

Sunsets are best shared with those you love!

Final project site near Canon City, CO


  • Tomorrow (Friday, 6/18) PAX are gathering at the CATE at 0530 for a run to see Laettner off before he visits that big tanning bed in the ocean known as the Bahamas to steal some more fish from the locals.
  • This Saturday (6/19) our brothers @F3Speedtrap are hosting the June 2.0 workout starting at 0700. These events are always a blast, so mark your calendars and get out there with your 2.0’s!
  • If you are into leisurely, low stakes, and low stress workouts the aptly named “Murder Mile” workout is kicking off on Mondays at 0515, see Moose for details.
  • F3 Legacy continues at Depot, Tuesday’s after BC.  #LiveThird
  • Hewitt 5k – This annual event will be held on Saturday 6/26/21. See Darla first (then call Moose for clarification) or just click the link below
  • Lots of spots open on the Q sheet this summer, let’s get them filled out.
    • 6/22 – OPEN
    • 6/24 – OPEN
    • 6/26 – Lumbergh
    • 7/1 – OPEN
    • 7/3 – CONVERGENCE @ GOAT
    • 7/6 – OPEN
    • 7/6 – Regional Q from SpeedTrap
    • 7/10 – OPEN
    • 7/13 – Fool’s Gold
    • 7/15 – OPEN
    • 7/17 – Joanna


  • Prayers for speedy and full recoveries for JDee’s son and his (non exercise band related) eye injury as well as for Uncle Rico, his wife, and all others involved in the boating accident.
  • Slim Jim – continued prayers for comfort, clarity, and healing for him and his family.
  • Brother Si and his family – prayers for safe travels and an easy transition as he seeks to open the first mustard based Carolina BBQ joint in Greece. We will miss you brother!
  • For the many PAX on the IR currently (apologies for those I missed) – Soft Toss, Bird Strike, Speedo, Joanna’s tummy, etc.
  • Unspoken


Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics>Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson> Eugenics

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