• When: 2021-03-04
  • QIC: Pothole
  • The PAX: Soft Toss, TNT, Bellhop, Milkman, Box Wine, STH, Lumbergh, Darla, Buddy Love, Fools Gold, Soccer Mom, Laettner

Prelude To A Dream

Preliminary Deets:
– 13 PAX
– Temp < 45 and Soft Toss was in attendance
– 41 degrees, partly cloudy, 5mph out of the NW

– SSH x 25 IC
– Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
– Through The Tunnel x 15 IC
– Little Arm Circles x 15 forward/15 reverse IC
– Overhead Arm Claps x 25 IC

Tha Thang:
– Mosey to the playground
– 3 sets of: 5 GOOD pull-ups, 10 hanging-knee-ups, 15 BBSU
– Mosey to the brick pile and grab 2 bricks; then mosey to the track
– PAX voted TNT as least likely to win a running race
– TNT given instructions to run 1 lap at a slow mosey, 2nd lap at a moderate mosey, and a 3rd lap at close to a sprint (while carrying your bricks)
– After the 1st lap, waiting on the six: curls for the girls IC
– After the 2nd lap, waiting on the six: 10 second countdown
– Replace the bricks and head to the parking lot
– Mary:
     – Flutters x 15 IC
     – Iron Cross x 10 OYO
     – Russian Twists x 15 IC
     – BBSU x 10 OYO
     – Rosalita x 15 IC
     – Flutters x 15 IC
     – LBC x 15 IC
     – BBSU x 10 OYO

Ended at 0610. Yes, that’s right, five minutes early.

That is the only leniency you’ll be given during the 12 Days of Pothole. Five minutes. Nothing else. I’m bringing you workouts that will challenge you and push you. As with all F3 workouts, we stand by, “Do what you can do.” You know your body better than I do. You know what ailments you have and what you can’t push. None of us are professionals at this – and this includes myself. If you legitimately know that you can’t do something – modify. However, don’t modify just because you don’t feel like doing it. Or you’re too tired. Or too exhausted. Modify because you’re preventing yourself from injury.

But make no mistake, the five minutes I gave you this morning is the only easy break you’ll get. Be prepared to work.

The Marines have landed and the situation is well in hand.

COT/Name-O-Rama/BOM (implied)

– Bricks were sh!tty
– Need a Saturday Q
– Cottonmouth coming up: March 13
– Midlands Combine signups still going on. Talk with Darla. There is an F3 coupon code available

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