• When: 2017-10-10
  • QIC: Pinkman
  • The PAX: Eldrick, Garnish, RA, Sweetness, Ducky, Billy Bob, Wall-E, Pinky.

Pinky’s Partner Block Party

This idea of a partner workout came to YHC after one workout that didn’t exactly go as it should.  Think of today as F3 Team Building.  I was impressed.

Conditions –  Holy Humidity.  


The Thang

We of course started with my favorite – SSH x 25 (OYO)

YHC  instructed the PAX to partner up with someone of similar height and to grab 1 block per group.  YHC then instructed each PAX that each partner had to be touching the block at all times (unless instructed otherwise).

With blocks in tow, Mosey to bottom of Briarfield

Again, think of this as a true partner workout.  The following exercises were done as a team of 2 with the same block.  For example, partner A did overhead press with his right arm, and partner B used his left at the same time.  Then we switched sides.

20 overhead press / switch arms

20 Lunge walk / switch sides

20 curls / switch arms

Mosey to Sylvan with blocks.  Plank waiting on the 6.

20 merkins / switch arms

20 squats / switch arms

20 curls / switch arms

Mosey to Bottom of Shannon Springs with Blocks.  Plank Waiting on the 6.

Now the fun begins.  I could tell by the lack of chatter.

Partner Hill repeats up Shannon Springs.

Partner 1 runs to the top of Shannon Springs.  Burpees at the top. 10 , 9, 8, 7, 6

Other partner does AMRAP

BBS with blocks

Bench press


Kettle bells


Mosey to Shovel Flag.  I think Sweetness made me carry ours by myself.

Finish up with partner air chair with blocks until time.



Really impressed with the effort today.  The partner curls, presses, etc. were a lot harder than expected.  It also took communication and teamwork.  Great job guys.   Exactly what we needed.


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