• When: 2017-10-11
  • QIC: Heist
  • The PAX: FNG-Merle, Pi, Happy Trees, Bidet, Foxhole, Heidi, Pipeline, Chewy, Kenny G, Co-Pay, Holy Poker, and Heist.

The Serena Loop

YHC is fresh off the Ragnar Trail Race with many other PAX. Grand time was had by all. Serena in particular had so much fun on the easy Green Trail, that he decided to run an extra 2 miles. These miles were completely pointless and unnecessary, but Serena ran them anyway. Call it getting lost, stubborn, confused, or even “The Legion Way” (where we always add in extra 15 minutes to a standard 45 minute bootcamp). Whatever the reasoning, YHC decided to pay tribute to Serena for running these bonus miles for no apparent reason.

Conditions: for OCTOBER (76 and humid)

The Thang:

  • Depart on Olde Knight Parkway and take a right onto Old Woodlands
  • Left onto Garners Ferry Road
  •  Left on Pelham Drive and complete the “Pelham Loop”
    • This loop is left on Pelham
    • Right on Gills Creek
    • Right on Rosewood
    • Right on Garners Ferry
    • Run back to Pelham Drive
  • REPEAT the Pelham Loop. This loop will be forever named “The Serena Loop”. Why?
    • Because it’s 2.2 miles that is completely pointless, but we are going to do it anyway!!! Its #theRagnarWay #SFOTCBD (Scarlet Fury of the Citadel Blood Dragons). This was the Ragnar team name of YHC and Serena.
  • Return to COT via Old Woodlnads to Olde Knight Parkway

The Moleskin:

Some decided to turn back during the second loop on Pelham Road. Some came back right away, others looked a bit lost and confused, others realized they would have to conquer MOM a second time and turned back. To fully pay tribute to Serena, YHC, other members of #TSFOTCBD, and another ran the full route.  We may never know why Serena added these extra miles onto his easy leg at the Ragnar.  We won’t dwell on the fact that those 20 extra minutes would have bumped the team finish from 11th overall to 8th overall. We weren’t really concerned about where we finished. The far greater take away here, is that our brother Serena will forever have a segment named after him!


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