• When: 2020-06-18
  • The PAX: Boo Boo, Deville, Billy Bob, Stretch, Collar, Wally, Bindi

Parking Garage Climb to the Top

Doing ladder’s in the Garage they said, it will be fun they said. Hit the whole body and wasn’t Humid at all!

Conditions: comfy 64, no breeze and little bit of humidity 

Warm Up: SSH 20 in cadence, 10 hand release burp pees, little baby arm circles 10 forward, 10 back in cadence, then mosey to garage and finished up with 10 windmill in candence. 

The Thang: 

Climbed the different levels (running at least 3/4 sprint up each ramp) of the parking garage while stopping along the way for a little pain.  Started off with around the clock merkins, started with 5 at 12,3,6,9, and back to 12. Climb another level, around the clock merkins with a count of 3, another level up then 2 around the clock. Climb then some shoulder action: little baby arm circles 10 forward and then 10 backwards and raise the roof for a count of 20, rinse and repeat (3 stops).  Reaching the top after last sprint, 45 sec wall sit.  Then run all the way back down. Then start the climb again, at each stop 10 slum dogs and then 10 jump to touch beam above your head. Rinse and repeat (3).  Hey, there is a way out, not so fast lets do some step ups 10 total and 15 seated dips. Then run to the top of garage again and wall sit for 45 sec, then mosey back to the exit ramp and 10 more step ups and 20 seated dips.  Back to COT to finish up with ABS, 25 LBC, 20 heal touch, 15 chaser, 10 6-inches!



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