• When: 2020-06-25
  • QIC: Bindi
  • The PAX: zima, boo boo, Huffy, Collar, duckie, mcnugget, stretch, Bindi.

parking garage of misery

conditions: rain and more rain

Q started promtly at 0530. immediately headed for cover to the parking garage next to Lowes. This has become a local hammer hot spot since our normal ao is shut down.

The warmup:

20 ssh ic

10 little arm circles front ic

10 little arm circles back ic

10 imperial walkers ic

10 through the tunnel ic

the thang

“Red Barchetta”

100 yard sprint – 100 ssh and back

75 yard sprint – 75 mt climber and back

50 yard sprint – 50 lbc and back

25 yard sprint – 25 merkins and back

10 yard sprint – 10 burpees

hold plank between sets 30 seconds

mosey to top of garage for some fresh air

and back down to second floor.

ring of fire:

10 monkey humpers

10 merkins


25 lbc oyo

20 heel taps oyo

15 flutter kicks

still had 15 minutes to kill, why not some more “Red Barchetta”

fewer reps this time

100 yards – 50 ssh

75 yards -40 mt climbers

50 yards – 30 lbc

25 yards – 20 merkins

10 yards – 5 burpees

mosey back to AO

anouncements: f3 dads fridays 7am: Zima working on design for hammer shirts.

Name o ramma, socially distant bom, prayer

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