• When: 2019-01-10
  • QIC: Overage
  • The PAX: Whittle, Glow Rod, Trickle, Boom Box, Fog Horn, Colombo, King James, Overage

Helping a Brother Out

Conditions: 37* and Clear

Intro, Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey to the outfield of the adjacent baseball field and circle up.
15 SSH
15 TTT with behind the back claps

The Thang:
YHC was literally helping my brother out. For those of you that do not know Ocho Cinco and I are brothers. He is a little down and out right now and I was in need of some motivation to get me out of the fartsack. So when he asked if I could stand in this morning I jumped at the chance. This morning’s workout was a modified version of an AMRAP I stole from Dozer. I’m not sure about the other PAX but it was a good workout for this old dude.

First Exercise
25 Shin Huggers (A little tougher version of an LBC)
Run 25 yds out to a spot identified by a lamp and back

Second Exercise
50 Invisible Jump Ropes
Run 25 yds to the light and back

Third Exercise
5 Burpees
Run 25 yds to the light and back
Fourth Exercise
10 Mountain Climber Merkins
Run 25 yds to the light and back

Rinse and Repeat this cycle adding a rep to each exercise each round.

For the last 5 minutes we did a People’s Choice round of Mary.

Prayer Requests: Ocho Cinco and his path to recovery, The Wells Family, The Auville Family (spelling)

Run/Ruck Group leaving from Parkland Plaza at 5:30AM
Review the Run Group guidelines/safety tips sent out from Ranger