• When: 2019-04-18
  • QIC: Katniss, + Snake Handler, + Postal
  • The PAX: Buzzsaw, Lego, dunphy, cheers, koondog, soaker, nick, Magellan, overnight, toe ring, whisper, boo boo, Tumnus, Niles, squatter, fry daddy, steamer, harp, fergy, shake and bake, Poe, Britta, hatchet, natureboy, McCafé, chinstrap, Shorthaul, brownout (Mr) giggity, Mia, booster, tater, bull dog, (Mr) kiffin, Genie, ranger, JJ, Ken doll, pine tar, Quisenberry.

Gauntlet Day 9 Sausage Factory

Day 9 dawned ealier than others, the pull was intense to stay in the fartsack, but 45 men were about to get up and do the harder thing, so the alarms were silenced and the bells tolled in the gloom at the stand!

Incredible respect and props to Katniss who came to the AO after work yesterday to set up the event,  major dedication! A true HIM!

The sausage factory made its masterful debu in the gauntlet and this killer had all 45 of us breathing hard and pouring sweat! It was great!

Heres how today Went down!

Condtions: muggy and 64

the thang:

welcome, Prayer reminder to hammer down!

Pledge of allegiance.

1 sledgehammer blows to gaint tire ,work out your frustrations on this beast.

2 block thrusters, you know’em and love’em.

3 giant tire flips.  1 man flips on small tire and 2 men on bigger tire.

4 sled pulls . The sled has ropes on each end 1 pax stands in place and pulls sled  10 or more times to himself then other pax pulls back

5 block swings ,nuff said

6 battle rope slams . Grab a rope and do power slams.

7 Hand release merkins

8 Bear crawls to top of hill (to station 9)down AFTER completing BBSUs at station 9

9 BBSUs.  real ones, hands behind neck

10 Take a lap around our loop and head to back of school

11 pull ups from a variety of challenging areas-

12 Burpee broad jumps across B Ball court not 10 reps but entire court each time.

Back to station 1 sledgehammer blows

Then rinse and repeat AMRAP the entire thing again adding 1 rep to exercises.


this course was a savage beast and tore at our tired frames, yet we stood victorious and look now to the Good Friday cross ruck!

huge thank you to snake handler for the great word about us soaring  on wings like eagles 🦅! Great encouragement!

Props to Ken doll for posting with an injury, get better bro! BC would have had company on the mall walk loops.

announcements: reaper special edition runs at 6:15 after cross ruck! Oh snap! Beast!

Spread the word and bring a friend to the cross ruck, our message there will far out weigh the everything we do in F3. JESUS!