• When: 2021-06-24
  • QIC: Zima
  • The PAX: Ratatouille, Wally, JC, Boo Boo, Stretch, Leon

Coupon Total Body Workout day after the 10 K Crazy Train!

Conditions : Nice and cool 68 degrees, low humidity, great weather!

Warm UP : SSH, Through the Tunnel, Little Baby Arm circles forwards and backwards all in cadence and finish the warm up with 15 burpees to get the blood flowing! Mossey over to coupons and then head to the football field. 

The Thang: Started at the end line with coupons and had a set of 5 different exercises with the coupon. Coupon chest press, curls for the girls, bent over rows, squats, and LBC’s all the coupons. Count of 15 red per equal 1 round. For total of 6 rounds.  After each round then threw in some cardio in between sets with some planking while waiting on the the 6 to catch up.  Set cones up 10 yards from end line so did 2 rounds murder bunnies there and back, 2 rounds farmers carry there and back, 2 rounds of lung walk there and back run and finally rifle carry there and back.  Second part of cardio, run the whole length of the football field and back, run half and back, back pedal half and back, frank martin half and back.  Then finished up with rifle carry back to put coupons away and mossed back and held 6 inches until 6 arrived. 


Prayers for Wally and possible new position at work and the unspoken prayers!!

Announcements: F3 Dads and Crazy Train finishing up this weekend. 

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