• When: 2021-12-09
  • QIC: Coon Dog
  • The PAX: BuzzSaw (R), Ken Doll, Soaker, Garth (R), Dunphy (R), Brick, Ramrod, LEGO, Coon Dog

Circuit of Pain

Weather Conditions: 40° & extra gloomy

It was a glorious, extra gloomy morning as 9 pax came together full of vigor and excitement for whatever was in store for bootcamp.  Since the relocation of the beloved block pile, YHC has not attempted to bring back the popular Circuit of Pain.  The plan this morning was to change that with some necessary modifications to accommodate the new space.  The ever popular Ziploc bags detailing exercises to be completed also made a long awaited return and the stage was set for low risk instructional blunders and work to be done.  Enough about the lead up, as for the workout, here is how it went:

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey around the parking lot circle up on next to the sidewalk

COP – All IC
x25 SSH
x10 Imperial Squalkers
x10 TTT
x10 Windmills

Mosey to the block pile, grab a block and line them up on the field

Circuit of Pain
10 “Stations” with an exercise displayed.  Start with x11 reps at each station.  Add 1 rep after completing each round.
Kettleblock Swings
Run a Lap (single lap around the field)
Imperial Squalkers (2 count)
Hand Release Merkins
Smurf Jacks
Diamond Merkins
Bobby Hurleys
Balls to the Wall Shuffle (Ball to the Wall position and shuffle from one end to the other)
Jump Squats

Replace the blocks and Mosey to the steps
x25 Calf Raises each – Feet turned out, feet turned in, standard, repeat standard)

Mosey to the Shelter
x20 Merkins OYO



12/11:   Shawshank Christmas Party at Ramrod’s @4pm, bring a side dish
12/14:   HUGE Announcement at Shawshank
12/24:   Nativity Ruck, meet at the 9/11 Memorial

Prayer Requests & Praises
No Show
Ramrod’s mom
Garth and family
Hash & Rice’s sister-in-law


DEVO: Positivity

Being positive doesn’t mean you ignore reality.  It means you maintain hope, optimism, and faith in order to create a better reality.
Pessimists do not change the world!  Complainers complain about problems but don’t solve them.  Critics write words but they don’t write the future.  Throughout history it’s the positive leaders who make the greatest impact.
Being positive won’t guarantee you’ll succeed, but being negative will guarantee you won’t.

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