• When: 2019-02-09
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Mr Burns, Dominion, Half Empty, Soaker, MacGruber, Pop Off, Muggy Tape, All 9’s, Scotch, Gravedigger, Paper Jam, Juice, Cheers

Cheers’ 3Year Anniversary Q

If you would have told YHC 3 years ago today “in 3 years you will run 6 miles AFTER you Q a one hour workout” he would have thought you believed you were speaking to an Ironman athlete. With a ton of encouragement, inspiration, and brotherhood, this was possible today. YHC had never even ran a 5k before joining F3. Friendship was just another term for drinking buddy or someone spoken to at work. Besides my wife and family, I had no real loyalty in my life. I can truly say, that without F3, none of the physical stuff would have happened, but more importantly, none of the brotherhood would have happened. When guys say that “this is more than a workout,” they truly mean it. We were working out yesterday, bear crawling and lunging over 200 yards, and there was 3rd F going on all around me. It was a fantastic display of what F3 is all about. We were talking about what we like to do on the weekends, war stories about tough workouts, Muggy Tape giving us some details about Bragg, and one nameless PAX that does what he can to get through dance recitals. These men have lives, they have war stories, and they have other interests, but they also choose to be out here in the gloom with you a few times a week. The workout is secondary, always has been. The challenge of getting out here drives us, but it is the brotherhood that keeps us coming back day after day. Below is how it went today.

Conditions: Clear, mid 40’s


SSH x 15
TTT x 15
LBAC x 15 each way

The Thang:

-Line up on sideline

-Bear Crawl to midfield, Merkins x 25
-Bear Crawl to sidewalk, Merkins x 25
-Bear Crawl to adjacent midfield, Merkins x 25
-Bear Crawl to other side, Merkins x 25

Line up on side

-Lunge to midfield, squats x 25
-Lunge to sidewalk, squats x 25
-Lunge to mid field of adjacent field, squats x 25
-Lunge to sidewalk, squats x 25

Mosey to first upper field
-Imperial walk to midfield, Carolina Dry docks x 50
-Imperial walk to fence, CDD x 50

Mosey to next field
-Imperial walk to midfield, Flutter kicks x 25 each leg
-Imperial walk to midfield, FK x 25 each leg

Mosey to pull up station
-Pull up x 5
-Dips x 25

Rinse and repeat x 3

Mosey to shelter:
-People’s chair x 1 minute x 2
-6 inches x 1 minute
-Boat canoe x 10 Q count
-LBC x 100 OC


-Dam to Dam relay February 16 (contact Juice for details or questions not found on Preblast)
-March 22-23 P200
-March 16 Race Against Hunger
-March 30 Rotatry Club of Lexington is hosting an oyster roast at the old Harmon Tree Farm, now called Grove at Augusta. See MacGruber (@BoSTAPLES) for details and tickets.


-Gravedigger’s mom
-Juice’s mom and father-in-law, along with his M that is trying to stay strong
-Maggie, who is Blindside and Volley’s daughter, still dealing with seizures, praying for her to recover with help of newly found physician
-Muggy Tape, Argyle, and Kenwood for the Bragg Tough next week
-Continued prayers for the family and friends of Digits. There has been a lot of anger, frustration, and confusion because of the report that came out this week. Prayers for healing from all of that as well, along with understanding that God’s got this.