• When: 2021-02-18
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Lego, Knozit (R), Dunphy (R), Ram Rod, Coon Dog, Soaker

Boys, Bricks, and Ballads

The weather forecast showed lots of rain which means extra moisture for the grounds known as Shawshank. One corner of the parking lot had a Dunphy sized puddle which was avoided throughout the workout. Dark, cold, rainy…perfect for an F3 bootcamp.

Wednesday was the perfect day for a trip to Lowes. Upon entering said supplier of home improvement goods, YHC headed to the masonry section and loaded up on some bricks. Bricks of high quality, bricks of good standing on the pallet, bricks that would have to prove their worth with the hard charging men of the Shank. Sure, a brick weighs less than a block, but with the proper arm movements, shoulders can burn and progress be made. YHC planned to keep the fellas dry today by utilizing the picnic shelter and supplying some tunes. The playlist included a plethora of Hank Williams Jr. mixed in with a smidgen of Alabama, Brad Paisley, Johnny Cash, Steelheart, New Kids on the Block, Blake Shelton, and the Rocky IV soundtrack. Dang, there were some sweet tunes.

These men put in solid work. Always good to join the brothers when conditions are less than ideal. Thanks for the push.

1 minute warning (enough time for Coon Dog to find his warmer gloves), Disclaimer, no FNG’s, Pray it in.


SSH x 35 IC

LBAC x 10 IC (forward and backward)

IW x 15 IC

TTT x 15 IC


Grab a pair…of bricks.

Lateral Raises x 50

Worst Merkin Ever (Wide arm, regular, diamond) x 10

Shoulder Press x 50

Merkins x 10

Front Raises x 50

Merkins x 10

Curls x 50

Merkins x 10

American Hammer (with bricks) x 50 (2 count)

Merkins x 10

Chest Press x 50

Merkins x 10

OH Clap x 50

Merkins x 10

Dip x 50

Merkins x 10

BBSU’s with bricks x 50

Merkins x 10

Triceps Extension x 50

Merkins x 50

Slow Mosey around all 3 islands of parking lot


LBC’s x 50

Boat – Canoe – some number IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

6 inches – 1 minute



Dam2Dam – this Saturday. Time to taper.

March 6 – 7 year Lexington Anniversary – Graveyard, 6:30am.

Prayer Requests:

Notebook, No Show, Skid Mark’s family, Deidre (co-worker of Coon Dog), Lego’s parents.

Close in Prayer.

Devo: Pilot, Provide, Protect.  Our role as men to our families and the community. Know who you are following so you can lead others down the right path.


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