• When: 2021-08-19
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Homegrown, Wilson, Spit, Happy Trees, Belding, Nub


So after a two week illness hiatus Tuesday’s Urkel Q hurt so might as well stay hurt and bring a beatdown for my Q…I stole the format from the Exicon with a Nub wrinkle or two and had no idea how it would go but me thinks twas a good un and the pax in attendance agreed, plus no Urkel so no complaining and no Swayze so no farting, JK boys…we missed you.

Here we go:  1min warning, Disclaimer, Prayer.  Warm-up Merkins x 10IC.  Lets get it…

Mosey to pile o heavy stuff and grab 1 Block and 2 Bricks and head to the goal line of the practice field. Continued warm-up w/bricks. Dirty Birds x10 IC, OHClaps x10 IC and Front raises x10 IC

The Thang:

Had a playlist for the “All about the Benjamins” workout but before The Thang,first had to play a little Moby.  Sally up/Sally down w/squats (love it), and then straight into the legs portion of the workout.  


Round 1:  At goal line complete 25 Curls4Girls then 25 yds of Walking Lunges, then 25 Jump Squats and then Backwards lunge walk 25 yds back. 25×4=100…100=Benjamins. Pax SSH on the 6.  Then 100 yd recovery Mosey and back (which technically is 200 yds and didn’t really fit the theme but oh well Urkel wasn’t there to complain so the rest took it in stride)   next song up “Its all about the Benjamins”,  oh yeah!

Round 2:  At goal line 25 Block dead lifts, the 25 yd Bear Crawl, then 25 Carolina Dry Docks, then 25 yd Crawl Bear back. Pax LBCs on the 6, then 100yd recovery Mosey & back.  

Round 3:  Blocks away grab dem Bricks, at goal line 25 Calf raises bricks above head, then 25 yd Accelerating Bunny Hops (aw shoot, take them bricks with ya this time), then 25 stationary Bunny Hops bricks overhead, 25 yd backwards Bunny Hops back to goal line.  Pax run in place on the 6.  Then recovery mosey 100 yds & back.

Round 4:  (faintly heard a call for Burpees…Declined!) 25 Alternating Shoulder taps w/bricks, Run 25 yds, 25 Raise the Roofs, then 25 yd backwards run back to goal line.  Brick Heel Taps on the 6. 100 Recovery mosey & back.

Bricks and Blocks up!

Mosey to ticket booth, and just for our wonderful AOQ Wilson…Burpee ladder back to shovelflag.  That’s enough and that’s all folks. TIME! 

Playlist provided by 2.3 Chandler and Nubalicious, Moby, Puffy and the Fam, Soulja Boy, Notorious B.I.G., RunDMC, Queen, AC/DC, Metallica, Ozzy Osborne, Kid Rock (not perfect but much better than Swayze’s Eminem medley)

Count/Name o rama

Announcements and Devo: 9/11 Never Forget Challenge (09/18/2021) and Devo spawned from thinking about the 20 yr anniversary of 9/11 and after reading the GoRuck article from Cadre Aaron Hand.

“When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen” Isaiah 60:22



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