• When: 2021-03-25
  • QIC: Blue Rhino
  • The PAX: Haboob, Broadhead, Booboob, Adluh,Cream Cheese,Satchel,BarCrawl,Rumblestrip,Banjo, Frizzle, DeeBo, Blue Rhino

Battle Ropes bring out the Beasts

Conditions: *pleasant, southern snow-pollen, * 56d*


The Thang:
Walking Wounded coming off P200 run, followed by a NoHelp Q, YHC needed to change it up a bit. Decided to break out the battle ropes and they didn’t disappoint.  Here is how it went down. 

Circle up:
-SSH x20 IC
-TTT x20 IC
-Merkins 10 OYO
-Arm Circles x 18 IC Fwd
-Arm Circles x 18 IC Rev 
-OVC x 10 IC

This a.m. Q was molded off the Lent challenge with merkins, squats, lbc, dips, burpees, and added extra- battle ropes. 

Grab six cones out truck and slosey to inner parking lot. Like Nascar, it had to be fast or you end up crashing and burning. Place all the cones in the various corners and straights:

Battle rope 1- until failure
Battle rope 2- until failure

Rinse and Repeat- Most pax achieved 5, some six

Overall today was probably one of the better Q’s. simple, yet effective. You never know what the inner beasts brings out until you see 12 dudes throwing the pop of a battle rope. Strong work men.



-April 2nd-Spring Bring-Can drive- Mission Lexington 
-April 15-18 E-Race Hunger (https://lrah.org/)
-May 22nd F3 Dot 31 to 30- 50k (run, support)
-June 5 Run Ella Run (http://www.runellarun.com/raceinfo/)


-Green Jeans cousin Chip- cardiac arrest-coma
-Pax suffering injuries, personal battles

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